“For the first time in over 50 years of voting in presidential elections, I will not vote Republican.”

These are former Donald Trump voters. They supported him and his policies in the past. But now, they refuse to support him for president again. Watch them explain in their own words why they’re voting against their party to ensure that Trump never holds office again.

Trump Voter Testimonials

Hear why these former Trump voters don’t believe he should ever hold office again. If you'd like to tell your story, please submit a video.

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Image of Beth
"January 6th, for me, was kind of like a sucker punch."
Image of Chuck
"This was an insurrection, and it was led by Donald Trump."
Image of Ethan
"January 6th was the end of Donald Trump for me."
Image of David
"He lost, and January 6th is a disgrace, a stain on our history."
Image of Dennis
"He wants to be an authoritarian leader of the United States."
Image of Hank
"I don't think that the man has the moral character required to function in the Oval Office."
Image of Dave
"I am a conservative Republican, but I cannot stand the lying, the cheating, the illegal activities that Trump has perpetuated."
Image of Dale
"I don't think America can take four more years of the Trump administration and the dysfunction that takes place under his leadership."
Image of Staci
"Trump stating that he wants to overturn the Constitution should be clanging bells and alarms for everyone in this nation."
Image of Kim
"Donald Trump expressing his wish to terminate the Constitution is one of the most egregious things I think you could even do."
Image of Alexandra
"No more felons. No more space lasers. It's weird and it's embarrassing and it's dangerous."
Image of Richard
"He's nothing but a thief, a womanizer, and he doesn't represent my Republican party."
Image of Steve
"I have an issue with convicted felons holding any office, much less the President of the United States."
Image of Scott
"As a Christian, my vote is an endorsement. It's my stamp of approval."
Image of Donna
"To me, if you want him leading your country, you are pretty much just like him."
Image of Colette
"He admires autocrats. I think he wants to be one."
Image of Bob
"You have to vote for the person that's gonna do the least damage to the country."
Image of Ed
"Another Trump term would be a disaster for the country in so many fronts."
Image of Amid
"He is a liar on top of the fact that he's a 34 time convicted felon."
Image of Cam
"He made America a big joke."
Image of Gregory
"All I've heard Donald Trump speak of is revenge."
Image of Phil
"I don't think Trump has any respect for any laws, let alone the supreme law of the land, the Constitution."
Image of Damien
"[Trump] wanted to cancel an election because he couldn't take a loss like a man."
Image of Jessica
"It terrifies me that a convicted felon could be the President of the United States."
Image of Pauline
"Anybody that is not listening to what he is saying... is not really understanding the gravity of what the Republican party has done."
Image of Joe
"I believe Donald Trump wants to be a dictator."
Image of John
“Our commitment to democracy is one of the most important things we have as a nation.”
Image of Tom
"He treats our allies like our adversaries, he treats our adversaries like our allies."
Image of Jim
"We have a country with rules, and he doesn't even understand the rule of law."
Image of Mikhail
"My life is better under this Biden administration than it was under Donald Trump."
Image of Lars
"I'm concerned that he will suspend the rule of law."
Image of Norma
"I cannot support Trump again because I've seen him in action."
Image of Edward
"I have no choice but vote for Biden."
Image of Nancy
"The pandemic opened my eyes to just how dangerous Donald Trump was and is for our democracy."
Image of Spencer
"Letting Trump back in the White House is like letting the fox guard the hen house."
Image of Paul
"He's too disgusting to vote for."
Image of Rich
"He is the antithesis of what we need to have, who we need to have, running our country."
Image of Curt
“I can't vote in good conscience for Donald Trump. He's just laid so many things out there that are morally and ethically wrong.”
Image of Nicholas
"I cannot and will not support a man that wants to become a dictator and suspend the Constitution."
Image of Emmet
"It's all about Donald Trump. It's not about America."
Image of Jessica
"Trump would absolutely, 100% sign a federal abortion ban."
Image of Bob
"He is not literate in Christianity."
Image of Jerry
"Trump is to blame for what happened on January 6th."
Image of Rachel
"He helped instigate a coup against the United States."
Image of Danielle
"Just because you're a Christian doesn't mean you have to be a Republican."
Image of Jeff
"I voted straight Republican tickets all my life, but my moral compass and love of country tells me that voting for Biden is the right thing to do."
Image of Ed
"I think he is a threat to the United States."
Image of Rick
"Trump can never get a vote from me again. He absolutely disgusts me."
Image of Jeff
"I wouldn't allow him to date my daughter, so why would I want him to be president of my country?"
Image of Susan
"I believe that former President Trump has damaged our democracy terribly."
Image of Ahsaf
"Voting for Trump is a non-starter for me."
Image of Joel
"The way that Trump treats other people is an issue for me."
Image of Scott
"He wouldn't qualify to deliver pizzas, much less be president of the United States."
Image of Greg
"He just turned into such a mean-spirited person."
Image of Jordan
"I would vote for someone who's not a Christian, but I won't vote for someone who pretends to be, and misuses Christianity."
Image of Raymond
"If Trump gets in, I don't want to be around to see it."
Image of Rory
"He didn't lift a damn finger to call off that mob."
Image of David
"For the first time in my long life, I'm gonna have to vote for a Democrat."
Image of Hyla
"He does not believe in the peaceful transfer of power."
Image of Todd
"If there is a candidate that does not stand for all Americans, then how can that person really make America great?"
Image of Stephen
"I see a president that's gonna cause a civil war."
Image of Paul
"Donald Trump is the death knell of the Republican party."
Image of Nancy
"You don't just vote for somebody on morality, but you don't just vote for them on policy either."
Image of Joel
"He's not a man of conviction. I think he's a man of convenience."
Image of Harlan
"I don't think I have a good enough imagination to really understand what he's capable of."
Image of Don
"He didn't care about the Constitution at all. He cared about Donald Trump."
Image of Chris
"You can't be a horrible person and be a good leader."
Image of Barb
"America's Constitution doesn't have room for emperors."
Image of Andrew
"In 2019 I switched to an independent because I felt that the Republican party had left me."
Image of Mark
"I think when Trump says that he will be a dictator on day one, I believe that's what he will be."
Image of Ruth
"He intimidates, cheats, he lies and steals. He's completely unpredictable and untrustworthy."
Image of Howard
"He doesn't have the kind of character we need sitting in the White House."
Image of David
"He keeps talking about retribution and getting even and getting back."
Image of Shelly
"Democracy is difficult, but we fought for it for so long and we are at a serious point of losing it."
Image of Tom
"He sat idly by and did nothing while our capitol was being destroyed."
Image of Svetlana
"Former President Trump is very much in support of dictators around the world."
Image of Peter
"I would vote for Mickey Mouse over President Trump."
Image of Gary
"It is pretty clear to me that Donald Trump is a conman and a criminal."
Image of Jim
"Democracy is just too important to waste on a third party."
Image of Jeffery
"Trump made everything about himself about what he did. That to me, was not leadership."
Image of Ted
"We saw what happened on January 6th, but something worse could even happen."
Image of Michael
"I think that he'd sell out the country, honestly. I really do."
Image of Mike
"Utterly disgusted by the way he talks, the way he demeans people, just his overall unprofessional behavior."
Image of Phillip
"He has no tact. He has no class. He has no manners. I'm ashamed for him to be my president."
Image of Shawn
"I just don't think Trump is competent based upon his track record."
Image of Andrew
"Trump's become a one person show which if you just look at history across the world, that always leads to disaster."
Image of Michael
"His stand against public health, and his advocacy for unproven treatments, that is the straw that broke the camel's back for me."
Image of Bennett
"Donald Trump is definitely running for himself...to be able to use the signing of a pen to clear his name on things."
Image of Mark
"You cannot have a president who is trying to get even with anyone."
Image of Jennifer
"To see how this man continues to act and how other Republicans are supporting him, it makes my blood boil."
Image of Marc
"Donald Trump's the biggest threat to democracy this country's had since the Civil War."
Image of Lexi
"He's just further driving a wedge between people."
Image of Jennifer
"Beyond protecting our democracy, which seems very abstract, we need to protect ourselves."
Image of Joni
"Donald Trump betrayed the office of president."
Image of Chris
"It's not about policy or culture, it's about the man."
Image of Martin
"Mr. Trump is a liar."
Image of Craig
"I do believe that Trump is the most dangerous man in America."
Image of Kevin
"A second term with Donald Trump, it sends shivers down my spine."
Image of Nate
"He takes our Christian faith and he uses it as a prop, as a grift."
Image of Scott
"I will be voting for Joe Biden because I think that it is my moral responsibility to vote for the person who has the best chance of defeating Donald Trump."
Image of Ed
"I cannot vote for Donald Trump because he epitomizes the worst of the people that we are."
Image of Bob
"He's told us what he plans to do, and I think we need to listen to him."
Image of Andy
"My fear is that if he gets back in, this will be the last election of our lifetime."
Image of Roman
"Republicans have become everything that they rallied against and even worse."
Image of Kelly
"We can't have him in office again. It would be obviously a risk to our democracy. I would be afraid for our freedoms."
Image of George
"If I had handled those documents the way Trump did [...] I would be calling from jail."
Image of Karl
"If you go against him or what he believes, he'll stab you in the back."
Image of Jim-Bob
"[Trump] has persuaded me this year to vote Democrat for the first time in over 50 years."
Image of Jim
"Let's dump Donald Trump. "
Image of Nick
"I cannot support Trump any longer."
Image of Scott
"I made a mistake once, not again."
Image of Barry
"The classified documents really concern me."
Image of Greg
"Donald Trump is a domestic enemy."
Image of Dave
"I see him as a threat to the safety and security, not only of this country, but of the entire world."
Image of Chris
"I'm not willing to surrender my honor to a man like that."
Image of Lori
"He'll just ruin this country. We will be ruined."
Image of Donna
"Now is the time to save our democracy."
Image of Jim
“I am not voting for Donald Trump because he is not temperamentally fit for office.”
Image of Keith
"It pains me that the Republican party is not the party that I grew up with."
Image of Bill
"January 6 made me sick to my stomach. And Trump egged that on. Trump did that."
Image of Andrew
"Donald Trump made me a lifelong Democrat."
Image of Steven
"You're gonna be a dictator on day one, you're gonna be a dictator on the first day of your third and fourth term as well."
Image of Janet
"I pray that you vote for Joe Biden this year 'cause we do not need Donald Trump in the White House."
Image of Rainer
"I will not be voting for any MAGA candidates again."
Image of Justin
"Donald Trump would be devastating for America."
Image of Jill
"I don't understand how he can befriend Putin."
Image of Alan
"America is based on certain principles. Donald Trump does not have any of those principles or values as a person."
Image of Scott
"I'm going to be forced to vote for Biden in 2024 because I absolutely believe that he is a better alternative than Trump."
Image of Brett
"He doesn't deserve to be anywhere near office. He scares me and I actually fear for our democracy."
Image of Cameron
"There are key issues, such as democracy, that are bigger than any one candidate or any one policy disagreement."
Image of Marla
"Donald Trump has absolutely no respect for the office of president, nor does he have respect for the American people."
Image of Mark
"It is imperative that he is not reelected to president of the United States for the future of our country and the future of our democracy."
Image of Eric
"I will never, ever vote for him again."
Image of Mike
"He took an oath, the same oath I took, to defend the Constitution of the United States. Now he wants to terminate it."
Image of Paul
"I've never been impressed by Donald Trump. He just rubs me the wrong way from the very beginning."
Image of Jeff
"We don't have a dictator, we are a democracy."
Image of Steve
"I just don't trust who he is and what he says, and I don't think he'll be good for democracy."
Image of Rick
"Donald Trump is more focused on being in power than serving."
Image of Paul
"I'm not voting for Trump because his character does not suit the presidency."
Image of Craig
"If Biden and the Democrats had done what Trump and the Trumpers did, how would you feel?"
Image of Brian
"He feels that he should have complete power to do whatever he wants."
Image of John
"I will vote for anybody but Donald Trump in November."
Image of Cliff
"Donald Trump's second term, if he got into office, would be more about revenge."
Image of Bob
"The guy's a conman from the get-go, dude."
Image of John
"I think a second Trump term would be worse than the first."
Image of Jason
"I think that Trump used a lot of Christians for his own gain."
Image of David
"Democracy will be saved under Biden and we can start the Republican Party anew once the era of Trump is over."
Image of Don
"I helped him get elected and I've seen the havoc that it's wrought."
Image of Joanna
"I don't think Donald Trump prays to God."
Image of Llewellyn
"Under no circumstances could I, as a Christian and as a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother...vote for Donald Trump again."
Image of Doug
"He really didn't try to do anything when they were saying 'hang Mike Pence.'"
Image of Terry
"In the 2024 election, I want to support a Republican. I will never support Donald Trump."
Image of Rod
"I lost faith in him by his actions on January 6th."
Image of Cynthia
"Trump lost and he is a poor loser."
Image of Kevin
"He’s a dictator. He admires Putin."
Image of Elizabeth
"I would vote for Mickey Mouse before I voted for Trump. He definitely wants to be a dictator."
Image of Kyle
"I'm voting for Biden over Trump because Trump is pro-tariffs."
Image of Tom
"Donald Trump has shown he has no regard for the laws of this country."
Image of Matt
"We can survive four years of Biden, I don't know if we can survive four years of Trump."
Image of Matt
"Donald Trump has made it very clear that his second administration would be about revenge and retribution."
Image of Paul
"I could never cast a vote for somebody who failed so miserably in his first term."
Image of Barb
"I think the fact that Trump is facing 91 felonies and the four indictments sets a horrible example to the next generation."
Image of Dale
"If Donald Trump eliminates the Constitution or even parts of the Constitution, then we've lost it all."
Image of Stan
"The only people that Trump consistently gives praise to without any criticism are dictators of the world."
Image of John
"The idea of a second Trump term is scary to me."
Image of Matt
"The problem with Trump is he's got some halfway decent ideas, but he can't articulate 'em because he's essentially a child."
Image of Dan
"The reason I'm not voting for Trump this year would be, in part, due to the legal battles he's dealing with."
Image of Owen
"I think Biden does support our Constitution. Trump does not."
Image of Keath
"I despise Trump and his whole attitude towards the military. Trump is a gutless coward who would last five minutes in a combat zone."
Image of Derek
"What the Republican party has become, it's become MAGA, it's become Donald Trump."
Image of Mike
"Joe Biden will listen to his advisors, where Donald Trump has nothing but 'yes-men' as his advisors."
Image of Bill
"When Trump talks about being dictator for day one, it really bothers me."
Image of Mike
"He tried to overturn that election. That for me, as an American, is totally unforgivable."
Image of Jake
"I cannot support Donald Trump again given his entire reaction to the his 2020 loss."
Image of Jon
"I was disgusted by what Trump said before the riot and the insurrection."
Image of Allen
"I'll do whatever it takes to keep Trump out of power."
Image of Joe
"To have a leader of the most powerful country that irresponsible at times is just frightening."
Image of Robert
"Any rational person doesn't have a choice but to vote for whoever is not Trump in 2024."
Image of Amy
"January 6th had a huge effect on me."
Image of Brock
"I'm not leaving the Republican party... the Republican Party under Donald Trump is leaving me."
Image of Eileen
"Trump tends to be a bully, somewhat of a dictator trying to be king of the United States."
Image of Paul
"If Trump were elected, I would be embarrassed that this country would put him back in office."
Image of George
"I can't vote for Donald Trump. I think he's too much of a risk for our country, our democracy, our way of life."
Image of Richard
"Trump ... just seems to get worse every time he talks."
Image of Matthew
"Donald Trump has demonstrated that he is ill-equipped and unfit to be the commander in chief of our country."
Image of Christopher
"He's a narcissist. Everybody knows that."
Image of Chuck
"I can no longer support him either as a politician or a person."
Image of Steve
"Trump cannot be trusted anywhere near the seat of power ever again."
Image of Carol
"The fact that Trump says he wants to do away with the Constitution, to me, is mind blowing."
Image of Brandt
"He squashes people for their First Amendment rights."
Image of Karen
"There's a possibility that he could go to prison."
Image of James
"He's a narcissistic toddler."
Image of Brenda
"I just don't trust him."
Image of Mike
"I have a real problem with Donald Trump right now."
Image of Julie
"He will do everything in his power to become a dictator."
Image of Joe
"If you are going to vote for the future of America, you need to vote for anyone but Trump."
Image of John
"I think Donald Trump would love to be a dictator."
Image of Ted
"He's a narcissist. He's egotistical. He believes he's above the law."
Image of Jason
"I do not believe he cares about the Constitution. I do not believe he cares about this country. I believe he cares about himself."
Image of Darin
"Trump's election denialism is the most scary thing about him and his potential future administration."
Image of Philip
"My opinion of Donald Trump has changed."
Image of Christopher
"I'm not gonna vote for Donald Trump because character matters."
Image of Kevin
"A second Trump term would just be a disaster."
Image of Mike
"Donald Trump scares the hell outta me."
Image of Bob
"We can get through four more years of Joe Biden…I don’t know that I can say the same thing about four more years of former President Trump."
Image of Nathan
"You can still be a Republican but vote for Joe Biden."
Image of Michael
"It’s very clear Trump lives in an absolutely binary world. It is a world that is fueled by greed, vengeance, immorality."
Image of Eric
"The felony indictments are one thing, and they are disqualifying in and of themselves. They pale in comparison to January 6th."
Image of Vickie
"The highest office in our country should be held by someone who exemplifies high ethical standards and is not under indictment."
Image of Jay
"Trump has zero interest in what’s best for our country. It’s only about what’s best for him."
Image of John
"A second term for Trump will be devastating for the country."
Image of Leland
"We're talking about possibly the most powerful office in the world occupied by a crazy man."
Image of Elaine
"It's going to be the first term on steroids."
Image of Rhonda
"I think that we could lose our democracy if he is president."
Image of Alan
"I would be scared to death if Donald Trump were to be re-elected."
Image of Jeannine
"January 6th absolutely made me know that I would never vote for him ever again."
Image of Scott
"He's not interested in promoting what's in the United States' best interest. He's more interested in promoting what's in Donald Trump's best interest."
Image of Jim
"He did a great deal to disrupt NATO and I think he destroyed some of the confidence our allies have had in us."
Image of Brian
"When Trump claims to be religious, but some of his actions seem to be opposed to Christian values, it really bothers me."
Image of Tina
"I cannot vote for a man who has belittled the fighting men and women of our country. "
Image of Dennis
"He's looking for on day one, retribution. That scares me as a veteran."
Image of Tom
"The retribution, going after your political enemies, that's something that dictators do, not presidents."
Image of Michael
"I will not support someone who favors dictators around the world and encourages that, who refuses to support our own allies."
Image of Tim
"He pretty much said that he was gonna be a dictator on day one. So that says it all for me."
Image of Gladys
"Trump did not drain the swamp. If he did anything, he added more vicious reptiles to the swamp."
Image of Michael
"He has no regard for anybody other than himself."
Image of Doneetsa
"Trump is not a savior. He is not a Messiah. He is not one that is going to bring peace on earth. Please don't vote for Trump."
Image of Brandi
"I do not like the way he has spoken about women, especially women of power."
Image of Sam
"His goals and his values are not in line with the principles of the Constitution."
Image of Jim
"His character is not presidential whatsoever."
Image of Sandy
"I'm a former two-time Trump voter, but for the first time in over 50 years of voting in presidential elections, I will not vote Republican."
Image of John
"I'm a retired naval officer and I'm concerned about the future of our country."
Image of Shawn
"I have not ever voted Democrat, but as of right now, my plans are vote for President Joe Biden."
Image of Joe
"On January 6th, my suspicions of Trump were confirmed."
Image of Steve
"He's supposed to be the president for everybody, and he's not."
Image of Seth
"I have resolved to vote against President Trump."
Image of Taylor
"I don't think anybody should trust this man as their president."
Image of Oleksandra
"Trump committed pretty serious crimes starting from the 2020 presidential election, and he needs to be held accountable."
Image of Adam
"He has created a divide within the country."
Image of Lorna
“I did vote for Trump in 2016 . . . and I have no intention of voting for him in 2024.”