Delco Daily Times ran this opinion piece by Mike Johnson, a Republican Voter Against Trump:

Just like many of my friends and family, I took a chance on Trump in 2016. I was a lifelong Republican, and figured he was the best choice for our country and state. I recoil at that thought now.

My biggest issue with Trump is how he caters to the very establishment he campaigns to destroy.

In 2017, after he signed one of the biggest tax cuts for the wealthy, he told a room full of billionaires that he saved them a lot of money. What is so sad about that is the majority of the people voting for him are nowhere near that kind of wealth, yet they think he cares about them.

I’ll say it again: Trump does not care about the working people. He sees us as votes to regain power. Nothing more.

Voting for Biden is an easy decision. I may not agree with him on everything, but at least I can close my eyes at night and know I voted for a good person.

Is he old? Yes, but only older than Trump by four years.

If we want to talk about someone being mentally unfit for office, Trump fits that mold perfectly. I hope my fellow Republicans join me and reject Trump.