Deseret News covered the launch of Republican Voters Against Trump. Samuel Benson writes:

Enter “Republican Voters Against Trump,” a new $50 million media blitz elevating testimonials of ex-Trump supporters who will not support him this fall. It’s the latest offering from the Republican Accountability Project, a super PAC formed by a handful of never-Trump conservatives like Bill Kristol and Sarah Longwell. In 2021, they launched Republicans for Voting Rights; last year, it was Republicans for Ukraine. Now, the newest offering attempts to “establish a permission structure” for Trump supporters to ditch him — by platforming the voices of ex-Trump supporters who’ve ditched him.

Between now and November, the group will publish ads on every conceivable medium — digital, TV, radio, streaming, billboards — in swing states across the country. Each ad features several voters who’ve filmed themselves offering a testimonial of why they once supported Trump and why they won’t again.

One of those voters is Sam Jardine, a student at Brigham Young University. He considers himself to be a conservative Republican, and he voted for Trump in 2020. “I don’t even regret that, because I still feel like a lot of the policies that he advocated for and that he was able to pass were representative of my political views,” Jardine told me.

But Jardine has two criteria for selecting a president: upholding “the oath of office” in defending the Constitution; and “that they would represent my interests.” Jardine feels Trump would largely fill the latter criterium, but Trump fails on the first.

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