HuffPost covered our new hidden-camera ad campaign, which features a spot showing that Trump couldn’t be hired at a local mall. Ed Mazza reports:

A Republican group opposed to Donald Trump used hidden cameras to show just how hard it would be for someone with his resume to get a job at a local mall.

“If Trump is too big of a liability to get a job at your local mall, he is too big of a liability to be president of the United States,” the voiceover says in the new video from Republican Voters Against Trump, which will air on Fox News, among other places.

The video features a job-seeker explaining his troubled past to prospective retail employers.

“I’m currently facing 88 felonies,” he explains, adding that the charges include retention of classified information and falsifying business documents. He also mentions being found liable for sexual assault.

“We run a full background,” one manager tells him, adding bluntly: “It won’t go through.”

He doesn’t have much luck with other would-be employers either.

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