The Philadelphia Inquirer ran this opinion piece by Robert Nix, a Republican Voter Against Trump:

As someone from Philadelphia who unfortunately voted for Donald Trump in 2016, I have come to see him as an existential threat to American democracy that must be rejected at all costs. Trump’s lies about a “stolen election,” both before and after 2020, are not just despicable, they are outright dangerous. His actions on Jan. 6, 2021, turned us into a global laughingstock as we witnessed an attempted coup unfold in real time at his direction.

Trump has proven he has no care for our democratic institutions, our country, or anyone apart from himself and his family. His very float of “terminating the Constitution” is abhorrent and means the death of the nation as we know it. A second Trump term would inevitably mean further disintegration into violent authoritarianism and civil unrest as he solidifies an autocratic one-party system. As a patriot, I have no choice but to vote for whoever opposes him in 2024. Our country depends on it. Any rational American must recognize Trump as the unprecedented danger to our republic that he is. Rebuking his antidemocratic movement is a necessity we cannot ignore if we wish to keep our civil liberties and freedoms intact.