Campaign will showcase former Trump voters who won’t vote for him again in 2024; Ads to air on cable and streaming TV, plus 15 billboards around the Milwaukee convention.

WASHINGTONMonday, July 8, 2024 – Today Republican Voters Against Trump launched a new $300K swing state ad campaign around the Republican National Convention. The campaign will showcase the voices of real former Trump voters who will not support him again, including through ads on cable and streaming TV as well as 15 billboards around the convention in Milwaukee. It will run in Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

This is the largest campaign from RVAT this cycle and is the first one voters will see when Trump is officially nominated. The ads will appear on cable—including morning news and primetime Fox and CNN—as well as streaming TV in the following media markets: Grand Rapids, Detroit, Phoenix, Madison, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg.

The video ads include a 60-second spot that will run on cable from July 17 – 19, highlighting Trump’s failed leadership through COVID, his Big Lie about the 2020 election, January 6, his 34 felony convictions, and his promise of “retribution.” The voiceover says: “Trump will be on the ballot in November. We have to remember why we voted him out before. And we can never let him anywhere near power again.”

Another 60-second compilation ad, which will run on streaming platforms, features dozens of different former Trump voters explaining why they won’t support him again. They say: “Trump wants to burn down our democracy and rule over the ashes. He’s putting Donald Trump first, and to hell with democracy. I will never vote for Trump again. He’ll never get my vote. Ever, ever.”

We will also have 15 billboards up around the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, where the convention is being held. They showcase headshots of former Trump voters with messages including: “I’m a former Trump voter. I’m a Christian. I won’t vote for Trump” and “I’m a former Trump voter. I’m a gun owner. I won’t vote for Trump.” You can view the billboards’ locations here and see images of the billboards here:

Republican Voters Against Trump’s advertising tested as being among the most persuasive content in recent election cycles. The campaign taps real former Trump voters to serve as authentic, credible messengers to reach critical center-right swing voters in key swing states. By doing so, it works to establish a permission structure for these voters to support democracy in 2024 and broadens the anti-Trump coalition in the places where it matters most.

“This race is going to be decided by voters who don’t like either option, and are deciding between which one they think is less bad,” said Sarah Longwell, Executive Director of Republican Voters Against Trump. “We’re reminding them of the reality of what a second Trump term would mean: dysfunction, retribution, and four more years of the same kind of chaos that we lived through last time. Even people who are frustrated with the status quo need to be reminded of the stakes of this election, and motivated to vote like democracy on the ballot—because it is.”

To be connected with leadership from Republican Voters Against Trump, or the voters who are participating in this campaign, please contact Communications Director Tony Franquiz at [email protected].

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