Executive Director Sarah Longwell published a new op-ed in The Economist focused on the “double-haters” who will decide the 2024 election. In it, she makes the case that, to reach these people, it requires credible messengers like those who are participating in Republican Voters Against Trump:

Since so many voters in swing states say they will choose the lesser of two evils, it is Mr Biden’s job to hammer home the thought of what a second Trump term would mean. That requires reaching them with credible messengers who speak to their concerns. These messengers must look, sound, talk and act like voters. In short: it takes regular people. My organisation, Republican Voters Against Trump, is tapping Republicans who have previously voted for Mr Trump but refuse to do so again in 2024, and amplifying their voices in key swing states.

A two-minute testimonial from Dave in Pennsylvania, for example, probably cannot convince a conservative-leaning mother in the Philadelphia suburbs that Mr Biden is actually a great president. But it might be enough to convince her that four more years of Mr Trump is beyond the pale. At the same time, it would help if those who served under him at the highest levels and saw the chaos first-hand—people like Mike Pence, James Mattis, John Kelly and Nikki Haley—spoke up. If not for Mr Biden, then at least against Mr Trump.

Read the piece here.