Howard  /  Iowa

“He doesn’t have the kind of character we need sitting in the White House.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Howard and I’m a conservative Iowan. I am a former Trump supporter. During the first time that he ran, I kind of held my nose and voted for him a little bit. I thought he was the choice that I wanted as far as the politics goes, but since he has done that, it just seemed like that set off a bunch of nastiness to each other in politics that I hadn’t seen before. I just think we can do politics without all the name calling and exaggerating that he does. Then getting down to this last election where he lost, it was clear that he lost, yet he could not accept that, apparently because of his ego. So I just wonder why we would want a person like that to be president of the United States. And then January 6th in Washington DC. It was obvious there was some pretty bad things that happened there that he probably could have stopped if he’d have been more forceful about it.

“I remember as a school kid, the schoolyard bullies and he just reminds me of a schoolyard bully because he wants his way and his way only and if you don’t go his way, he demonizes you. That’s not the kind of person I want around the United States. We’ve had presidents in the past that were gentlemen, maybe they didn’t do everything I wanted them to do, but they represented the country in a good fashion. He just seems to be overstating everything and overreacting to everything to the point where I just don’t know what to trust about him anymore.

“Trump with his lawsuits and so on, you just know that maybe some of those lawsuits are real. They can’t all be unreal. He doesn’t have the kind of character we need sitting in the White House representing our country. He made some good business decisions, but he should be able to make those decisions without demonizing everybody. I’m a Christian and I just, as a Christian, I just can’t tolerate Trump. It seems to me that he operates off of impulse quite a bit and is held back a little bit by his staff. But now if he gets in, he’s gonna have such complete control that it’s just a little scary. I don’t know if he’ll get us into a war or not, I don’t know about that, but I’m sure not optimistic about it.”