Hyla  /  Nevada

“He does not believe in the peaceful transfer of power.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Hyla and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been a registered Republican my entire voting life, and I voted for Donald Trump in 2016, I did not look for him in 2020, and I will not vote for him again in 2024. I was naive enough at that point in time to think that he would, in the office of president, seek the counsel and the advice on the recommendations of those in his cabinet and around him. Alas, it did not take me long to realize that that was not the character of the gentleman that I voted for.

“My concerns about Donald J. Trump as a person and as a potential president center solely on his character and his lack of integrity. He is a liar. He has rarely been able to speak the truth, whenever his speeches or his comments are fact-checked, very few of them ever end up being totally fact. This 2024 presidential election for me is all about number one: democracy, protecting this democracy. And what does democracy mean to me? It means an attempt for this nation to come together to be united. In order to be a successful leader, you have to be willing to compromise, have to be willing to listen to the other side. You have to be willing to listen to your own side, and you’ve got to find that mutual ground on which you can all agree.

“He incited an insurrection. Interestingly enough, after all of the dust settled and all of the reports were finished, I read Liz Cheney’s book, I read Mitt Romney’s book, I read Cassidy Hutchinson’s book. And of those three people, I don’t think probably go in the same social circles, the similarities were overwhelming. Stories told by Liz Cheney were substantiated by Mitt Romney and substantiated by Cassidy Hutchinson. So you can’t tell me that… yeah, that was the worst. Well, I won’t say it was as bad as 9/11, but it’s very close. It’s a close second. A horrible stain on this nation that again, had he just had the presence of mind and been leader enough to admit he lost the election. He does not believe in the peaceful transfer of power, and that is scary, very scary. As the elected leader of a democracy, that is one core principle you need to adhere to: a peaceful transfer of power. Professional organizations all over this country investigated that election and determined that it was statistically impossible for him to have won that 2020 election. He lost. He lost, and he just can’t accept that fact.

“I want a president who’s gonna consider me and my fellow Americans rather than himself and what’s in it for him. I may not like all of Joe Biden’s policies, but you know what? I know that he cares. I know that he cares about me, he cares about other people that live in this country, and he’s willing to listen to the other side of the aisle, and he’s willing to compromise. And that, to me, is more important in a leader than whether they have an “R” after their name or a “D” after their name, because that’s how you get things done. There is no decision. It’s a no-brainer for me, I do intend to vote for President Joe Biden.”