Brandi  /  Nebraska

“I do not like the way he has spoken about women, especially women of power.”

Video Transcript

“My name’s Brandi and I’m from Nebraska.

“I voted for Trump in 2020, just because his running mate, Mike Pence, I admire a lot. However, in 2024, I feel like I cannot vote for him again.

“I cannot support Trump again for a few reasons, one being I did not like his handling of January 6th. I also, as an individual and as a woman with integrity, I do not like the way he has spoken about women, especially women of power.

“So January 6th, I was here in Omaha, kind of watching everything from the news, and, to me, watching how the people that were inside the Capitol working that day had to fear for their life ’cause you don’t know what these individuals that are coming in have with them, you don’t know when, you know in any situation, when people are angered what can happen.

“And the fact is that Trump sat around for three to four hours and didn’t tell people to leave, didn’t say anything. That put a lot of people in harm’s way. A lot of good people. And if I were in that Capitol, I’d probably fear for my life too.

“With Trump having multiple indictments against him, that’s not a good look for any sort of individual in office, whether it’d be a local level or a president.

“And I honestly think that if he did get elected again, that we’re gonna be looked at on a national platform, especially against our allies, whether we can be trusted or not. It does scare me that Trump thinks that he would like to be a dictator and that he has stated so, just because that we live here for our freedoms and we’re not choosing to live in a communist country.”