Alexandra  /  North Carolina

“No more felons. No more space lasers. It’s weird and it’s embarrassing and it’s dangerous.”

Video Transcript

“ I’m Alexandra. I live in North Carolina and I’m a two time Trump voter. I’m a lifelong Republican. I grew up in South Louisiana and an oil and gas community, so having a president that supported our industry was very important to me, and Donald Trump is a good fit for that. Moving forward he’s not a good fit anymore for me.

“I’m not voting for him ever again. I don’t think that he’s gonna help the economy. I don’t think that he will lower inflation when he gets elected. He’s taking credit for things that he shouldn’t take credit for. Gas was under $2 during his administration because oil was negative dollars a barrel for the first time because we had a travel ban and a stay at home order. Inflation was low because we had the pandemic and we were also coming out of a recession. He’s taking credit for the drop in immigration numbers, but once again. That was because of Title 42, they didn’t actually deal with immigration. If they did, we’d have adequate screening. Border patrol would have what they need, and the people that came here to work would be working and assimilated into our society and not

“living in hotels and schools and bankrupting cities, they couldn’t agree, just like they couldn’t agree on a speaker, and I don’t believe that they’re gonna be able to figure this out if they are reelected. It’s not easy for me to talk crap about my party. It really isn’t. Well at this point it kind of is because I’ve been let down a lot by them.

“We just need some changes. The border needs to be dealt with and. It’s not just that this is a security risk, right? Because quite frankly, we haven’t had a terrorist attack. Everyone’s been freaking out about all of these people and nothing’s happened. But if there was a terrorist attack, the house Republicans definitely need some blame because they didn’t deal with this whenever they had control of everything. B, they killed the legislation that was going to be put forth, and C they cut funding for the FBI and the FBI are the people that catch terrorists and arrest them. I just don’t understand what’s going on. I’ve heard so many stories about women that have miscarried past the six or nine or 12-week mark, whatever the limit is in their state, and the doctors won’t treat them because they’re afraid of going to prison or they can’t treat them. One woman described having to get on a plane while actively miscarrying and bleeding to fly to another state to get care. No living baby inside her. No life to save. What is the point of that in 2024? I’m voting for Joe Biden.

“I think that we need to hit the reset button on our party. Donald Trump needs to be gone. He can’t be anywhere around. He messes everything up even whenever he is not in office. No more felons. No more space lasers. It’s weird and it’s embarrassing and it’s dangerous. Vote for Joe Biden in 2024.”