Andrew  /  North Carolina

“In 2019 I switched to an independent because I felt that the Republican party had left me.”

Video Transcript

“Hello, my name is Andrew Kessel. I currently live in North Carolina and I was a 2016 Trump voter, 2020 I just wrote in a friend, and then this year I’ll be voting for Joe Biden.

“When it comes to Donald Trump’s character, I just see a lot of things that I can’t support in it, especially as a pastor and a Christian. And of course in 2016, I was willing to overlook that. I was much younger and willing to overlook things, but time after time, he has shown us, Donald Trump has shown us exactly who he is.

“And I think we shouldn’t just brush it off anymore as, oh, he was joking or he doesn’t really mean that, or he won’t really do that. Because if you would’ve told me in 2020, oh he’ll storm the Capitol if he doesn’t win, I’d have never believed it, because the way I grew up, that’s not what Republicans do. So if anything, his character has shown me he’s not really a Republican, even though he may be the head Republican of the party right now, which is very sad. And so that’s why in 2019 I switched to an independent because I felt that the Republican party had left me.

“As far as January 6th goes, I pulled out my phone and I started to see everything, and I’m like, you have gotta be kidding me. And so, of course, like any normal person, we were just expecting that hopefully he’ll get out there quickly and call these people off. This is before I had even seen that he sent them down there. And the more and more it went off and I kept reading these posts about he’s been contacted, he’s not saying anything, he’s not doing anything to stop it. I’m like, how can he let this continue? And so at that time, that’s where I said okay, I’m done.

“First and foremost, what drives my opinion of anything is my faith. When I see Trump out there doing photo ops with the Bible and things just to hold it up, or just throw out Christian buzzwords, I don’t understand how we don’t read through that. But as I’ve been questioned by non-Christian friends about my witness at the time that I was supporting Trump, it really made me take a step back and look and just be like, wow. I am at odds in my faith and it’s not carrying out in my politics like I thought it was. And so, while I still hold some conservative values, I don’t believe Trump is really out here for us as Christians or even Americans. I really think he’s out for himself in the end.

“I’m gonna be honest, my decision to vote for Biden at this point is not because I think he’s done such a great job, or that I think he’s the best president that we’ve ever had. For me, it’s a clear choice. Democracy is on the ballot at this point, and so that’s why I’ve made the choice to vote for Joe Biden this year.”