Bill  /  Missouri

“When Trump talks about being dictator for day one, it really bothers me.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Bill from Missouri and I voted for Trump in 2016. And mainly it was because I thought he was probably the lesser of two evils, and I’m not gonna vote for Trump again. I just don’t care for some of the things he said and done. A couple examples, what he said about veterans, and war heroes, and war dead, some of the things that happened with immigration.

“First and foremost I’m a Christian and I believe, when Jesus said, love thy neighbor as thyself, Trump’s not showing me that he’s a Christian. When Trump claims that he is a Christian, but he is making fun of or putting down… whether it’s, law enforcement, or our veterans, war dead.

“I saw the video where he was making fun of a handicapped man. Those kind of things show me that he is not a practicing Christian, at least the type of Christian that follows the teachings of Jesus. The comments that Trump has made about immigrants poisoning the blood of our nation, those are some of the things that Hitler was saying, and just really worries me about the direction he’s gonna take if he becomes president again.

“When Trump talks about being dictator for day one, it really bothers me because, like I say, I’ve been a lifelong Republican. I bought into what Reagan was talking about and telling us about what he did, but being a dictator for one day, you could suspend the constitution for one day, well, for the rest of his term. So it really worries me when somebody’s talking like that and thinking like that.

“January 6th made me mad. When a lot of those insurrectionists that were convicted were talked to later, they said in court they were there because Trump told them to go. And so I do blame him, at least in part, for that mess on January 6th. And it was a sad day for the country.”