Bob  /  New York

“The guy’s a conman from the get-go, dude.”

Video Transcript

“I’m Bob, I live in Western New York, and I’m a former Trump voter.

“His actions are that of a 13-year-old entitled school boy.

“I mean, there’s nothing presidential about him at all.

“He’s clearly out for himself.

“He clearly doesn’t care about rules or regulations or standards or decorum or anything that helps people to move forward.

“I believe if Trump were to have a second term, he would purposely destroy this country.

“There’s nothing in democracy that he even knows about, cares about, or has any reason to adhere to.

“He wants to turn this country into countries like his favorite buddies from Russia, from China, from Hungary, he’s a dictator.

“I think his, I think Trump’s 91 felonies are just a grand indictment of who he is, what he is, what he stands for, and what he’ll do in the future.

“I mean, he just doesn’t care.

“I mean, the guy’s a conman from the get-go, dude, it’s all I can tell you.

“Your vote is not for Trump or Biden, your vote is for America.

“I absolutely plan to vote for Joe Biden in November, yes.”