Bob  /  South Carolina

“He’s told us what he plans to do, and I think we need to listen to him.”

Video Transcript

“I’m Bob, I’m from South Carolina, and I’m a former Trump voter.

“I voted for Trump in 2016 because I thought he had been a successful businessman and I was willing to give someone from outside the mainstream a chance at the presidency, I thought we

“kind of needed a fresh look in there.

“When he discounted the opinions of the medical community and seemed as if he thought he knew everything about COVID,

“that really changed my opinion on Trump.

“My reaction on January 6th was one, I think more of anything, of sadness.

“I mean, I felt really bad for the country, I felt like those people had been deceived greatly by their leader.

“And I thought it was just a really sad day for the country.

“You know, what he did was treasonous.

“I mean, I consider him a traitor and I think that you have to look at everything that he did, and no president’s ever gone down that road before.

“You know, they’ve always left office with some integrity.

“And I think that we need a person of integrity in the office.

“I would say please investigate it more before you ever consider voting for Trump.

“I think he used those people, and he committed treason that day against our country, and I could never, ever vote for him again because of that, and I think that a second administration would be worse.

“He’s told us what he plans to do, and I think we need to listen to him, because he would try to be a dictator in his second term.

“I think President Biden is a person of integrity.

“I think that he truly wants the best for the people and the country, and I don’t think that Donald Trump does, I think he only cares about himself.

“I will have to vote for President Joe Biden in November.