Carol  /  Texas

“The fact that Trump says he wants to do away with the Constitution, to me, is mind blowing.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Carol. I live in Texas, and in the 2016 election I voted for Donald Trump. There’s no chance whatsoever I will vote for Donald Trump during this election. I will not, and I cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump. Why? Because again, as a military member, he is not pro-military and we’re talking the United States military. He may be pro-Russian military. He may be pro-North Korean military. He’s definitely not a friend of the U.S. Military. Trump just, I think he let our whole country down with his actions, with his words. As a military member, I don’t believe that former President Trump had our best interest in mind at all.

“He spoke very poorly of the military, the ones that are supposed to defend the United States. I believe that President Trump was responsible for soliciting people to commit violent acts after the last election. It’s really unbelievable that with his claims of that there was fraudulent election and that there were votes that were uncounted and all that other nonsense. Nothing was ever proven. They were false allegations and then the violence that took place on our nation’s capitol. That’s, it’s just unconscionable that that happened and that he supported that sort of action from his followers.

“The fact that president, former President Trump admires dictators like from North Korea as well as Russia, that is very, very, alarming and disturbing for me. I don’t understand why anyone in our democratic country would support those ideas. The fact that Trump says he wants to do away with the Constitution, to me, is mind-blowing. The fact that there’s 91 indictments against Trump shows that it’s just not one organization that’s out to get him as he claims. He is just a law-breaking person.

“If you are thinking of voting for former President Trump please reconsider and think again. He’s going to be more of a dictator and democracy will falter under his watch. Please do not vote for Donald Trump.”