Chris  /  Washington

“You can’t be a horrible person and be a good leader.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Chris, I’m a lifelong Republican, I have been a Republican as long as I can remember. I did vote for Donald Trump the last two elections.

“I think Donald Trump appears to operate with a lot of chaos. The turnover in his cabinet was horrendous, I thought. I think it spoke a lot to him as a leader. His inability to find people and to keep them, retain them, I thought was very telling in terms of how he… what kind of a leader he was. And I think there was so much that came out about him as a person and his character, with all his extramarital affairs, his snippets that were caught on camera, on live camera, where he was very misogynistic and denigrated women, I thought was very telling.

“You can’t be a horrible person and be a good leader. I think if you make fun of people that are disabled, I think that’s a bad, bad sign, that means that you have poor character. He is not what I believe to be the conservative party or the Republican party, I don’t think he represents my values, he doesn’t represent my beliefs.

“I do believe character matters and the indictments I think speak to that. His rhetoric is misplaced. I think that if he had focused his efforts on being reelected, he would’ve been reelected, rather than focusing on the “rigged” election. He started that months before the actual election. He complained about how the election was “rigged” and then even after the fact, he talked about January 6th, and some of the recorded phone calls that we’ve heard since that happened, about him calling and pressuring election officials to, oh, we just need to find a few votes here, few votes there. I mean, how can he anybody listen to that and think this is a person that we want to lead us in anything? I wouldn’t put him in charge of a group of Cub Scouts. He’s just not fit to lead.

“His foreign policy and his relationship with Putin and just his lack of knowledge, and foreign policy, and what really needs to happen between the US and other countries, I think is wholly lacking. I think that there is real fear that he could do some real damage to our relationship with other countries around the world.

“I can’t support Donald Trump in 2024. Character matters and I just can’t support him in 2024.”