Craig  /  California

“I do believe that Trump is the most dangerous man in America.”

Video Transcript

“In 2020, I did vote for Trump because I thought that his policies had more or less worked out okay. I thought the tax cut was okay. I didn’t hold too much against him for the way that he handled COVID and I felt that he had been totally smeared in the first couple years of his presidency with the Steele dossier, the Clinton oppo research apparatus that followed its way into the Mueller report and dogged his administration for the first two years.

“So in many ways in 2020, I thought he was a man more sinned against than sinning, although certainly there were a lot of warning signals. But, when he pressured Mike Pence not to count the electoral votes, it proved that he was willing to throw the Constitution under the bus. And when you throw the Constitution under the bus, you’ve thrown out the rule of law with it.

“And as I learned more and more about the run up to the election and the way that he’d pressured people like Brad Raffensperger, and the gentleman from Arizona, whose name I’m afraid I’m blanking on right now,, man, all of a sudden, everything everyone had been saying about an insurrection instead of a crowd that had gotten way out of hand, that he had recklessly hyped up began to make sense.

“And then you see that he appoints a new Secretary of Defense in the last couple weeks of his presidency, what could he possibly have had in mind when he was doing that? I do believe that Trump is the most dangerous man in America. I am a California resident. It doesn’t matter much who I vote for. The state is going to go for Biden.

“I wish that there was a viable third party candidate. I still have Nikki Haley’s sign up in my front yard. But the saddest thing about Trump is that the whole Republican party has now backed him up, even to the point where you get Elise Stefanik saying that Mike Pence’s decision was the wrong one. So like many people, I’m a man without a party right now.”