Dan  /  Wisconsin

“The reason I’m not voting for Trump this year would be, in part, due to the legal battles he’s dealing with.”

Video Transcript

“My name’s Dan, I’m from Southeastern Wisconsin. I voted for Trump in 2016, I won’t be doing that again in 2024 due to the variety of convictions and indictments that he’s dealing with, his moral character. He is not a leader that I want to follow.

“The reason I’m not voting for Trump this year would be, in part, due to the legal battles he’s dealing with, immoral and character, and specifically his conviction of sexual misconduct. I can’t stand behind that. I’m a protector of women and care deeply about them. The indictments and convictions that Mr. Trump has had impact me as a person that cares deeply about morals, character, and the care of fellow human beings, makes me not want to have him as a boss.

“The other title of presidency is leader of the nation, and that’s not somebody I wanna follow or ascribe to be like. That’s not inspirational. It’s not something I want my children to say ‘this is a person you should be like and we should follow.’ I wanna be the opposite, personally, of that type of a person, and I don’t want that type of a man to be the leader of our country.

“The events that took place on January 6th were incredibly disappointing. To watch people think that that is the way that our government should be interacted with to try to change or challenge, results. There are ways to do that, and that is not the way. I think then President Trump stirred that up, incited people to move in that way.

“I do lay some of the blame for that violence and injury and death that occurred, on him. He didn’t need to say what he said. He didn’t say what he should have said as it was happening, and that’s incredibly disappointing. What’s more disappointing and infuriating is that people can be manipulated to believe something different than actually happened, even though it wasn’t long ago.

“We can change the stories, show only certain clips, adjust quotes, and people can be convinced that what happened isn’t what exactly happened. That’s extremely disappointing and saddening. And even though I might not agree with all the parts of a Biden administration, I have to go that direction over Trump due to who he is, and his character and morals. I will be voting for Biden.”