Dave  /  Oregon

“I see him as a threat to the safety and security, not only of this country, but of the entire world.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Dave. I’m from the state of Oregon. I am a two time Trump voter and in 2020 I was one of six alternate delegates from the state of Oregon at the Republican National Convention. Despite that, I’m not voting for Trump in this election this year. I realized that MAGA was reshaping the party into something that was more and more unrecognizable and at this point in time, I don’t recognize the party at all any longer. I feel that I didn’t abandon the Republican party, it abandoned me. I just don’t have a home there anymore. I’ve lost friends, many good friends that I had because they know how much I dislike Donald Trump. I see him as a threat to the safety and security, not only of this country, but of the entire world. I believe he honestly is the most dangerous man on the planet, and that’s pretty hard to accomplish, but that’s one reason why I’m doing this. I know it’s important that he cannot be anywhere near the White House ever again. He just cannot. We’re gonna lose our country and what it stands for if we do.

“After the election in 2020 when he made the claim that the election had been stolen from him and I thought, okay, where’s the proof? Show me. Because I honestly did not believe that. I could see that the election was going exactly as the pundits had predicted that overnight all of the mail-in ballots and ballots that are hard to count in large urban areas would be counted and it would shift strongly into the Democrats favor at that point. So to me it was very clear what happened that night. Nothing got stolen. All the ballots got counted. That’s what happened. So I waited and I saw Giuliani being appointed to represent him. I thought, “Wow, okay, well maybe there is something here.” And I waited and waited. I waited until January 6th and on that day, that was really the straw that broke the camel’s back for me at that point. I watched what happened in Washington with utter horror and amazement and the fact that Donald Trump sat there and did nothing for hours despite aids and virtually everyone around him pleading with him to do something and I thought, “I can’t support this man any longer. I can’t support Trump. I can’t support the party.” It’s becoming just abhorrent to me what they stand for any longer. I’d hoped that the Republican leadership would use this as an opportunity to finally kick him to the curb and minimize him. Instead, they went down to Mar-a-Lago, kissed his ring and asked for forgiveness after they had, those few that had the courage to denounce him on that day, then took it all back. And that was also another thing. As I saw that happening, I believe on January 8th through 9th, I went, “No, they’re not gonna do anything.” I just, I have to leave. My conscience will not allow me to any longer be a part of this fraud and this, quite honestly disgusting man, who’s not anything like the Republicans that I knew. Not at all.”