David  /  New Jersey

“Democracy will be saved under Biden and we can start the Republican Party anew once the era of Trump is over.”

Video Transcript

“My name is David. I am a Republican and former Trump voter. The reason why I can’t support Trump now is because it’s clear that he’s involved in the politics of divisiveness. He regularly dog-whistles. Engages in anti-immigration rhetoric, sometimes racial rhetoric. On top of that, there is heavily… ethical concerns, not just in his presidential life, in his former life; people that he has robbed in business, in his marital life.

“So across the board, you start to see that he doesn’t have the kind of leadership qualities that are deserving of the Republican standard bearer.

“As a black Republican, as a black conservative, this is really disappointing to me. People forget, we were the party of Lincoln. That was the party that was anti-slavery. That was the first party to step up and say, “hey, these people are not three fifths of a human. They’re not half a human. They’re a human being and they deserve respect. And we have to do whatever we can politically to stop this institution.” They were the first party that at least tried to stop that institution.

“So to go from that to a party that regularly engages in stereotyping, you know, dog whistles against minorities and black people, and outright racism. Donald Trump’s ideology, not on just Putin, but this growing Republican wing of isolationism, right? That’s growing within the party, that says, we’re no longer accountable to our allies, we’re accountable to nobody whenever we want to. That’s a dangerous precedent because our allies depend on us and the countries that’s in need of aid and help depends on us, and if we wanna maintain our status as a superpower, we have to engage on the world stage.

“If we are not careful, Russia is going to use the Republican party. It’s already used them to disrupt the last election. They can use them for more misinformation and all other propaganda that they want to further their agenda, which is not in the interest of America. Now, let’s be clear, Russia is not our friend. Russia is not our ally. They are part of the axis of evil with Bashar, with Kim Jong Un, all of those axis of evil, China, they are aligned together to make… to want to crush democracy.

“After January 6th, it became clear that Trump is the type of guy that he can’t lose, and if he loses, he has to do something to rectify the situation even at your expense. And you see it in his personal life, ’cause Trump is the type of guy they say all over and over again, he demands a hundred percent loyalty, but if you notice, he doesn’t give it! How many times has he done business with, excuse me, done business with criminals, and they end up getting arrested and he flies… and this is a pattern that we’ve seen all through his life.

“He demands total loyalty, and then when things are not going right, he throws you off the ship and you face… think about how many of Trump’s associates went to jail, faced criminal and civil charges. Rudy Giuliani destroyed his legacy, his whole legacy, which was really sad ’cause you always had people that were against Rudy Giuliani, but if you remember, in 2001, Rudy Giuliani was called America’s Mayor. He handled 9/11 and he had this aura where he could have retired with his legacy in tact, but he messed with Donald Trump and now he owes hundreds of millions of dollars. Donald Trump stiffed him on lawyer fees. And his whole legacy and life has been ruined.

“No doubt about it. I’m going to vote for Biden. I believe that, you know, Biden may not have all of the policies that I agree with, but I know that democracy will be saved under Biden and we can start the Republican party anew once the era of Trump is over.”