Dennis  /  Kansas

“He wants to be an authoritarian leader of the United States.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, I am Dennis. I’m from Wichita, Kansas. I’m a prior service member who voted for Donald Trump in 2016, but I can’t ever bring myself to do that again. I really did support Donald Trump up until probably January 6th. That’s when I really learned what he was all about, and I saw that he was really trying to keep the power, regardless of the outcome of the elections.

“He started with telling everybody that the election was gonna be stolen and then he insisted that it was stolen and everybody could see it wasn’t stolen. Except for his support, his diehard supporters. I don’t know how anybody could have done what they did that day on January 6th. Storming the capital is goes against everything that I’m about now.

“Donald Trump has said that he wants to terminate our constitution, the bedrock of our democracy. There’s no way we can allow anyone that would say something like that to serve in the presidency. You swear an oath to the Constitution, just like every soldier does. To protect and defend the United States of America from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

“Donald Trump isn’t protecting anything except for himself. Another reason that I could never vote for Donald Trump again is because of what he said about our military servicemen. I can’t believe that any commander in chief. Would say that they’re suckers and losers and he can’t understand what was in it for them.

“These are, he said these in cemeteries where our, our memorialized dead that had given the full measure for this country or interred. He, he was, he wouldn’t go to Normandy to the cemetery in his first term because he was afraid the rain would make his hair fall. Anybody that says these kind of things or acts like this in regard to our military servicemen and those that have served this country and died for this country, doesn’t deserve to ever be the commander in Chief.

“Donald Trump scares the heck out of me now because the way he embraces authoritarian leaders, um, the most recent was his. Uh, the leader of Hungary, who is an authoritarian, has endorsed Donald Trump. Um, he, his love affair, it seems like with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, and of course his close personal relationship apparently with Putin.

“Donald Trump wants to be them. He doesn’t wants, doesn’t just like them. He wants to be an authoritarian leader of the United States. He admires the power that they have in ruling their countries, and he wants to rule here Trump. Actually gets the power back. He will pull us out of NATO and he will allow Russia to do whatever the hell that they want, is how he said it to any of the NATO members that he doesn’t agree with, that he doesn’t think are paying enough money into the NATO alliance though it’s just ridiculous that at at president of the United States would even make a comment like that.

“It just shows how un-presidential Donald Trump is and how much he’s out for himself in 2024. I will not be voting for Donald Trump.”