Derek  /  Tennessee

“What the Republican party has become, it’s become MAGA, it’s become Donald Trump.”

Video Transcript

“Hey, I’m Derek Doster, I’m from Dresden, Tennessee, I am a small business owner, currently affiliated with the Republican Party… I’m losing my trust in it. I’m from a Christian family, deeply moral. The Democratic Party has never been a place for us to even really consider, but, the Republican party has changed.

“I am a part of that problem. I am a former MAGA; used to love Donald Trump. I was for Donald Trump before he went down the escalator to put his hat in the ring. I loved him. I thought he was a good guy. I knew he had some problems, especially with women. I knew he wasn’t the most moral guy, but I thought, hey man, this is…

“He’s a strong leader. But I failed to see what he really was. After the January 6th events, it changed. I was for Trump the entire time he contested the election, ’cause, you know, I always grew up in the Republican household where there’s dead people voting, you know, they’re the democrats, they’re evil, they’re changing the election count, and the reason Republicans lost is because the Democrats screwed up the vote.

“It’s not the case. This January 6th is totally not the case. What the Republican party has become, it’s become MAGA, it’s become Donald Trump. It’s his people, no matter what he says, it’s the truth to all these people, and my family included.

“I got friends that are the MAGA. They’re not Republican. They’re not Republican whatsoever. Not what I grew up. The Republican party to me is you hold an extreme level of integrity, you have a solid moral compass, you trust in God and the teachings of Christ, love your neighbor as yourself, you protect the unborn. The Republican party that I have been supportive of my entire life is different.”