Don  /  South Carolina

“I helped him get elected and I’ve seen the havoc that it’s wrought.”

Video Transcript

“Hello, my name is Don. I am a retiree, currently living in Charleston, South Carolina, and I am a ex Trump voter. So in 2016, I gave Donald Trump a chance, but unfortunately I consider myself part of the problem. I helped him get elected and I’ve seen the havoc that it’s wrought.

“The treatment of immigrant families at the border, separating children from their families. The idea of grievance politics becoming an obvious focus for Trump. Particularly the impact that Trump was having in relations with our allies around the world, particularly in Europe, particularly as it relates to Ukraine, particularly as it relates to the impact of Russia and Trump’s clear admiration for the Russian president, who is by all facts, a cold-blooded killer. Why is this the case? Why does the American president kowtow to brutal dictators? That was another strike against Trump, but given my background in healthcare, the ultimate strike against Donald Trump was the pandemic. He did nothing to exhibit leadership. In fact, he did the opposite. He tried to undermine science scientists, career health professionals, and I don’t even want to bring up injecting bleach in your veins. The ridiculousness of what he was doing was clear to me. He violated every rule of public health.

“I cannot stress enough that I am scared to death about the specter of Donald Trump returning to the White House. It defies everything that I stand for as it relates to being an American and being an American president. Character does matter. The Biden campaign and supporters of Biden and anti-Trump voters need to come together at least to promote the truth. To promote what really happened in a Trump administration already. People are having memory lapses of how good it was during the Trump years, in air quotes. We cannot let Donald Trump ever see the inside of the White House again. And as I started, I was fooled in 2016, but as The Who says, I’m not gonna get fooled again.

“I hope you’ll take these words to heart, give it some thought, and do the right thing in November. Vote for America. Repudiate Donald Trump once and for all and God bless America.”