Eileen  /  Mississippi

“Trump tends to be a bully, somewhat of a dictator trying to be king of the United States.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, my name is Eileen. I live in Diamondhead, MS, and I am a Republican, a longtime Republican, and I will not vote for Trump this year.

“The insurrection, I truly believe that he was a part of that and caused a lot of the things that really truly saddened me. And I think he tends, for me, Trump tends to be a bully, somewhat of a dictator, trying to be king of the United States. And that really scares me a whole lot.

“Trump, you know, someone mentioned this once and they said he’s like a toddler. And you know, that I think is a great description, a narcissistic toddler. And I’m not sure what’s going to happen in this current race. I know that I will not support him if he’s the Republican candidate.

“So I do have friends that are supporting Donald Trump, and some of them say, ‘Well, we don’t like his personality, but we like his programs.’ But just listening to him talk and the way he cuts down people, cuts down the military. Trump said McCain was a loser because he was imprisoned, and then I think he’s criticized Nikki Haley’s husband for serving.

“How can people still support him while he says these things about our military? I don’t understand. I voted for Donald Trump in 2020 and I will not vote for Donald Trump this year. All those lies that he’s put out there, and he is critical of our military, critical of individuals in the military, and is looking to be a dictator or a monarch.

“Who does that? I believe that we’re a country that, we work together with the Democrats, the Republicans, and independents, to make what’s best for our country and best for everybody in our country. And I don’t see that happening with Donald Trump.”