Emmet  /  Maryland

“It’s all about Donald Trump. It’s not about America.”

Video Transcript

“I’m a lifelong Republican and a true conservative. I voted for Trump in 2016. I held my nose in 2020, but not again in 2024. It appears to me that our choice in 2024 is between a good man with horrible policies for America and a horrible man with good policies for America. While I supported him before, it’s just absolutely clear to me now that Donald Trump puts himself first. He’s clearly a narcissist. He wants the presidency again, but not for us, for himself.

“I was one of the many voters who wanted him to desperately change and become more presidential through the four years of his first presidency. We saw many glimpses of that in the first four years, and we wanted more, but we also saw the brooding child, the narcissist, and the wounded little boy, and we saw those far too often. And going into this election, we see that it’s all about Donald Trump. It’s not about America. Don’t believe me, read his posts. I don’t wanna have to compromise any longer than having a nice person, a good man, a good person in the White House, in the Oval Office, a good person, a conservative with good views for America. I can’t vote for Donald Trump again.”