Jake  /  Missouri

“I cannot support Donald Trump again given his entire reaction to the his 2020 loss.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Jake, I live in Missouri, and I previously voted for Donald Trump in 2020. I cannot support Donald Trump again given his entire reaction to the his 2020 loss. Even if you don’t believe that he orchestrated everything on January 6th, I cannot support a man who was entirely okay with what happened that day.

“I cannot support a man who, since 2020, has continued to disregard the Constitution, has continued to disregard conservative principles, and has continued to disregard the country’s founding principles as a whole. Trump’s continual attempts to undermine our NATO partners and to undermine our confidence in NATO is extremely worrying to somebody like me who is very much in favor of American leadership in the world.

“I’d have to say that Donald Trump’s comments about NATO, while not entirely shocking, are continuing to be extremely dangerous as a whole.

“I think Donald Trump’s entire campaign of running on retribution is not only dangerous in the political sense, but I think it’s extremely disingenuous to his own voters. I think that his Donald Trump’s continuous attempts to paint his grievances as being his voter’s grievances, it’s not only sad when I see Trump supporters who are like all on board for this guy and say like, “oh, he’s gonna, you know, he’s gonna fight for me.” I feel awful for them because he’s not fighting for them.

“And Donald Trump’s continual thing saying that I’m gonna fight for you when it comes to trade. Well, how does him putting tariffs up help his supporters in Wisconsin and other farming states who lost farming jobs because of his tariff policies? When he talks about his retribution and his continual attempt to, you know, kind of say like, “they’re not coming for me, they’re coming for you, but I’m just in the way.” That whole kind of mindset is just… it’s extremely sad to see Republican voters kind of fall for that trap. From now to the rest of my days, I will not support Donald Trump ever again.”