James  /  Virginia

“He’s a narcissistic toddler.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, my name is James. I live in Arlington, Virginia, and I am a former Trump voter. Trump made a lot of promises and he wasn’t able to keep those promises, much like a politician, and I thought that he wasn’t gonna be like that. Plus the drama that he just creates. I mean, it’s divisive and the country is divisive enough as it is, on both sides. So, I don’t think that we need somebody that’s gonna continue to make the country divisive.

“If we had a second Trump term, I could see the divisiveness getting much worse. Trump’s rhetoric and how it affects me, I would say that it’s not professional. He’s a narcissistic toddler. I mean, he acts a lot like my daughter and that, for somebody that’s in the position of president, it’s not appropriate.

“Trump talking about our military with respect to saying that those that died during war are losers and John McCain was the loser, yeah, absolutely, that affects me. Those people gave their lives for our country or sacrificed things in the case of John McCain and to say they are losers is completely, not only untrue, but inappropriate.

“In 2024, if my only choice is between Trump and Biden, I would vote for Biden. If Trump is elected as president, it’s just more of the divisiveness is gonna happen. More of the issues that we’ve seen on January 6th is gonna happen. It just, it’s bad for this country if Trump is voted in. And Biden, although he might not be the strongest candidate in this case, he would be the right out of the two.”