Jay  /  North Carolina

“Trump has zero interest in what’s best for our country. It’s only about what’s best for him.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Jay. I am a 72-year-old registered independent, living in the battleground state of North Carolina. For most of my voting life, I have been a Republican, and prior to 2020, the only Democrat I voted for was Jimmy Carter. I believe in the basic principles of conservatism. I wish that neither Trump nor Biden were our presidential candidates. However, should these two 80 year olds be the only choices this November, I will once again vote against Trump and for Biden, as I did in 2020. In 2016, I voted against Hillary Clinton and for Trump, as I saw Trump as the lesser of two evils.

“Over the past eight years, it has become clear to me that Trump is in fact the definition of evil. We have six grandchildren. This election is truly about the future of our country, and I cannot possibly explain to our grandchildren that Trump’s behavior is acceptable for a president of the United States. He is a narcissist, a misogynist, a pathological liar, and a sociopath. He has complete disregard for the golden rule. Trump should have no role to play in our grandchildren’s future regardless of how many times he hugs the American flag. Trump has zero interest in what’s best for our country. It’s only about what’s best for him. He has complete disregard for conservative principles as shown during his presidency in his out of control government spending. His constant demeaning of the military and our veterans, his economic focus on raising tariffs, his disregard for the rule of law and his emphasis on isolationism. Trump supporters say they liked his policies, but he’s made clear that his policies for his next administration are revenge and retribution. He tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election. He encouraged the insurrection at the US Capitol and failed to engage in the peaceful transfer of power, and now he tries to bully America into not supporting his opponent in the Republican primary. And for purely political reasons, he tries to bully Republican senators into killing a bipartisan bill to address border security an issue which he says is most important.

“So to me as a registered independent voter who used to vote for Republicans and actually once voted for Trump, this is not how you make or keep America great. This is not what I want for our grandchildren this November. If the choice is again, Biden Trump, I will enthusiastically vote against Trump by holding my nose and reluctantly voting for Biden.”