Jeff  /  Michigan

“I wouldn’t allow him to date my daughter, so why would I want him to be president of my country?”

Video Transcript

“My name is Jeff, I currently live in Hudsonville, Michigan, and I voted for Trump two times.

“I can’t support Trump again, mainly because of his character. It’s just the way he treats people. I wouldn’t allow him to date my daughter, so why would I want him to be president of my country?

“But that’s been long time come coming. I appreciate some of the policies that he was trying to accomplish, but not how he goes about them. He’s in my mind, he’s becoming more and more a mini dictator.

“The January 6th issue, I was extremely disappointed. I was not totally surprised, which is even more disappointing. I’m disappointed that it is being swept under the rug now as a non-issue.

“I don’t know how close they were to actually taking over that. I don’t know if it’s been built out of proportion or not, but I do strongly believe that Trump fed that lunacy that was going on. And he really encouraged it. Perhaps he didn’t know how far it would go. Perhaps he did.

“That happened in Michigan where there was a plot to storm the capitol and they somewhat did not as much as it was in Washington, but there was a definite plot to kidnap and do whatever with the governor.

“And, yeah, it impacted me again ’cause I’ve been thinking my state’s falling apart. What’s happening here? Even though I strongly disagree with some of the politics of our current governor, I more so disagree with that type of action trying to solve issues.

“I think a second Trump term would look like, well he has made a lot of threats, obviously, and I don’t know that he can necessarily carry out those threats. He might try.

“My concern isn’t as much with that as it is with the damage he could do with us on an international front. What we look like as America. His interpretation of making America great is much different than mine. I fought for this country. I didn’t fight for his ideals.”