Jeffery  /  California

“Trump made everything about himself about what he did. That to me, was not leadership.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, my name is Jeff. I am a previous Trump voter. I voted for him in 2016. I will not be voting for him again. I am from the California area. As a conservative, I can’t do it. There’s two main reasons. One was I saw the amount of turnover in his term and that tells me there’s something wrong with the leadership. The other part was whenever I saw him on TV or anything, his narcissism and the ego came through every time. Public service isn’t about yourself. It’s about serving the people and Trump made everything about himself about what he did. That to me, was not leadership. We need a true leader. Leadership can’t be held down by a bunch of baggage.

“I don’t think he will willingly leave office, and we kind of saw that with the last election. However, I think in the next term, he would execute more of his unilateral power through executive order. This country has gone through a lot with the pandemic, with the turnover of the extremes and everything. The pendulum’s just swinging too far, and it’s becoming too much of an extreme adjustment for not only the country but the economy. The economy looks for stability, and we’re not going to have a stable economy if we have these political powers fighting back and forth. It becomes a mortar type of shelling of each other. In the meantime, the rest is collateral damage. The rest of us in the economy.

“I would say to someone who is considering Trump, again, think of the baggage and the distractions that are going to carry through the next four years and he only has one more term. So we’re really not going to get a lot done in this country. And who’s paying attention to our infrastructure needs? Our economy, the problems that we’re facing with immigration, the homelessness, et cetera. We need someone who’s going to have a strong sense of how to get the job done and not be distracted by all of this other garbage, whether it’s January 6th or his business dealings. That to me does not make Trump the true leader that we need.”