Jerry  /  North Dakota

“Trump is to blame for what happened on January 6th.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Jerry. I’m from western North Dakota, and I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020.

“I’ve been involved in Republican politics for 40 years, and so there is some allegiance to the party, but Trump has changed that for me. The things that bother me most about Trump are, it’s all about the Donald, and it’s all about making him look good.

“Just the phraseology, the words that he used… and it’s just, it’s so self-serving and self-aggrandizing, and he talks the big talk… and I’m just surprised at the following and having been involved in politics this long, the people that came out of the woodwork to support him.

“I mean that’s the American way. You stir the public interest. But they come in, I mean, they hate politics, so they have no idea how it works, the give and take, the compromise. I view myself as a Reagan Republican and this just goes against the grain.

“Trump is to blame for what happened on January 6th. There’s no doubt in my mind, and I’m sure there were no doubt in the minds of the congressmen that were in the Capitol that day, and yet he did nothing. We have legislators that are coming home now and I’m sure as professional politicians, they see which side their bread is buttered on and they’re pandering to him. And it just pisses me off that they would do this. They know the character of the man, but yet they’re following the dollar and the power.

“I think former President Trump’s admiration for the communist leaders and their authoritarian rule tells a lot about what he wants, how he envisions government should work.

“And you know, he’s had the luxury of the appearance of money and wealth and power, and they also have it as rulers of a communist party. I mean, they can order somebody killed and he may like that if there’s a second term. We should be mindful of that.”