Jessica  /  Ohio

“Trump would absolutely, 100% sign a federal abortion ban.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Jessica, I am from Southern Ohio, and I voted for Trump once.

“January 6th really kind of broke my spirit. I was dealing with some personal issues at the time, and then that was going on, and a former president was encouraging people to basically commit treason. It was the physical manifestation of everything that Donald Trump had said online in those previous four years, all in one. It was disheartening.

“Anybody that participated in the January 6th insurrection, they have a level of personable accountability, personal accountability that they need to take responsibility for. But, if there is somebody that is leading the world like Donald Trump telling you, “Hey, go do this,” people are easily influenced.

“A person by themselves can make good moral judgements. People as a collective, sometimes don’t. And unfortunately that’s what happened because of some of the things that Donald Trump did and said. Most presidents, when they are in a second term, that is when they tend to be like a little more loose and a little more wild, and it’s like, wait, Trump was already insane during his first term. What is he gonna do to?

“I truly think that if he becomes president, by the end of his four years, he’s not gonna give over power. He’s gonna declare himself King Trump or something insane like that. And that scares me. When Trump jokes about being a dictator… that’s not a joke. He means it.

“He is much akin to a teenage child who says, “oh, ha ha, I’m gonna do this.” And then when somebody says, no, you can’t do that, they’re like, “oh, well it was just joke.” That is exactly what Trump is doing and if I don’t laugh, I will break down because, no, nobody becomes a dictator for a day. They just will become a dictator until they’re taken out. That’s not an idea that I wanna think about.

“Trump has made it very clear that he does not respect women, that he does not see women as equal to men. And we saw it already with the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Trump would absolutely, 100% sign a federal abortion ban, no questions asked. And I bet that would be day one, dictator move. He would do that. That is scary to me.

“What I do with my body is no one else’s business. It is between me and my medical doctor. That is the only people that need to know what I do. Same thing with my daughters. What they do is only between them and their doctor. The government has no right, no need to be involved in that decision making process at all.

“So when there is somebody that is trying to become the leader of this country, Donald Trump, who is sexist and misogynistic and clearly hates women. No, that scares me. That scares me.

“I’m not thrilled that I’m going to have to vote for Biden. With the margins as close as they are I can’t not vote for Biden because then that’s a vote for Trump, and I can’t do that.”