Jim  /  Georgia

“I am not voting for Donald Trump because he is not temperamentally fit for office.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Jim. I’m from Georgia. I am a former Trump voter, but as of 2024, I cannot and will not ever vote for him again. It is patently apparent that he is temperamentally unfit for office, does not have a respect for the rule of law, and honestly has contempt for democratic processes and institutions that I love.

“When I first voted for him the first time he ran for president, I thought he was just a hard nose businessman with common sense, rough around the edges, plain spoken, blunt, all of that, just what the, the country needed. As time went on, as I observed his operations in office, I had more and more and more concerns.

“The first red flag for me was the revolving door of competent, capable people that came to work with him and then departed. It seems to me that he cannot stand or abide having competent, capable people around him. I held my nose and voted for him again in 2020. But the events of January the sixth was the last nail in the coffin for any respect or support I have for Trump.

“What I have heard does not convince me that he orchestrated it or planned it. But I am convinced that he was okay with it and that he, after the fact, encouraged it. And I’m also convinced that when he was, when he had the opportunity to intervene and possibly speak up to stop what was happening, he did not intervene to stop what was happening with respect to Trump’s claim, that he is immune for the things that he does while he’s president, when it’s allegedly.

“Within the realm of the president’s duties. That’s, that’s bullshit. That’s what I think of that argument. Nobody is above the law. Not the president, no member of Congress, not even a member of the Supreme Court. Nobody is above the law. The laws still govern the president. Now we can argue about whether something broke the law or not, but I do not accept, and we’ll never accept an argument

“that the president is above the law and immune from those kinds of charges. And I’ll tell you why. I would never want to support that argument because I would never want to see a Democrat president flipping that coin on its head and saying the same thing. It’s common sense and it’s just right to hold people accountable for their actions under the law.

“With respect to Ukraine and our NATO allies, I feel that. Donald Trump would abandon them frankly, for whatever reason, he does not see the need to support Ukraine in its fight against a overpowering dictatorship that concerns me For whatever reason, he does not see the need to stand up for America’s commitments to our democratic allies in Europe to help prevent.

“Another World War. That’s what it boils down to. The NATO alliance has kept the peace since it was formed after World War II, and it can continue to do that, but we’re the most important part of it, and we can’t just turn our backs on that and throw away the accomplishments of NATO. I have watched with concern over the years as Donald Trump appears to cozy up to dictators and authoritarians all around the world.

“At first, I thought it was a sly tactic, that he was trying to ingratiate himself with them in order to build a relationship that he could then use to negotiate whatever it was that needed to be negotiated to my horror. Over time, it became apparent. That is his real feelings about these dictators and authoritarians.

“He admires them and he wants to be like them, and honestly, he is gonna do whatever he can. And as far as to that, he is capable of doing to have that same kind of power here in the United States in 2024. I am not voting for Donald Trump because he is not temperamentally fit for office. He is someone who does not respect the law, and in fact has shown that he will take every opportunity he can to bend, manipulate, or even break the law as long as it serves his interests.

“I honestly haven’t made up my mind who I’m voting for. I might not vote at all, but if push comes to shove, I’ll vote for Joe Biden over Donald Trump.”