Jim  /  Maryland

“Democracy is just too important to waste on a third party.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Jim. I’m a former Trump voter from Annapolis, Maryland.

“So I can’t support Trump for a myriad of reasons. The rape conviction in the civil case, it just shows how far the party has fallen, in a sense that like I am old enough to remember when just the mere allegation of something like that could end somebody’s political career.

“And this guy’s been adjudicated as a rapist, and people just look and say, well, you know. I’ve talked to MAGA folks that are just like, well, it’s, you know, he says he didn’t. I’m like, well name me a rapist that said they just absolutely did it. It just never happens. But yeah I’m the father of a young daughter and she’s going to have to live in a country that I help vote the people in and create.

“I can’t look her in the eyes if I put a person who has not only just the despicable action of just raping a woman, but also the way he goes about defending himself, like, she’s too ugly. I would never do anything, like what am I supposed to look her in the eyes and tell her like in America, if you’re gonna get raped, just don’t be raped by a famous guy who’s running for president. Because I have to put him in office. There’s no, no universe in which I could do that.

“One of the bedrocks of our country is just the peaceful transfer of power. And when you lose, you just take the L and try to figure out how to move on. And he couldn’t do that. It was despicable. It was un-American and it was, you know, just a travesty for this country.

“And the worst part of it is that it led to January 6th. I mean, he’s convinced a lot of people, even in my own family, and that’s the part that got personal for me, is that, I’ve had, as a veteran, I’ve had my own parents ask if I love this country because I don’t fully support what happened. Asked if, you know, to disbelieve what I’ve seen my own eyes and say like, this wasn’t what you thought it was.

“It was all ANTIFA. Like I never thought growing up some of the people that were in my life that were very patriotic in a sense, they love the military, and to see what happened, like a blatant attack on our government and excuse it so easily. It definitely gives me very bad feelings about Trump just because of what he’s done to my circle of family and friends.

“And that’s not even to mention what happened on January 6th, which I feel like is one of the darkest moments I’ve ever lived through in our country. When it happened, it was sad for me because, you know, I almost wanna say it was sadder for me than 9/11, because at least 9/11, it was an outside enemy.

“It wasn’t fellow Americans knocking down buildings or trying to attack us. You can almost excuse foreign enemies. This happens around the world where people attack. But when it comes from inside, it’s like, there are people attacking that Capitol that I’ve probably met and interacted with.

“Democracy is just too important to waste on a third party. So my plan is to vote for Joe Biden. I don’t, can’t say I a hundred percent agree with everything he’s done, but I think he’s done overall a fairly decent job.”