Joe  /  North Carolina

“To have a leader of the most powerful country that irresponsible at times is just frightening.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Joe. I’m from North Carolina, and I supported Donald Trump. I’ve been a lifelong Republican and felt that that’s what I needed to do to continue to try to drive the values I’ve felt the Republican Party stood for.

“Unfortunately, I think I’ve seen over the years that Donald Trump has kind of overtaken the party and moved us away from some of those core principles that I supported and still support.

“Some of the things that really stand out with previous President Donald Trump and why I can no longer support him are, first of all, fundamentally is the decency of the man. I like to say that the president of the United States should be someone that our children or grandchildren can look up to and respect and want to emulate, and I just cannot envision asking my grandchildren to take that position.

“I just feel like he reverts to bullying at times. You can’t really believe what he says and even the point where he is name-calling in what should be a professional environment and being able to interact as adults in discussions. Some people say that’s just politics and I don’t buy that. Politics still should show due respect for individuals.

“The January 6th event was quite devastating for our country. I believe a lot of people who were there are people that care about our country, but yet I think they were deceived and led to react in a way that is totally inappropriate and I think what’s most frustrating is that President Trump had the opportunity to tone things down, to get control of the situation, and yet he declined to do it.

“And ever since then, he still seems to deny that he didn’t have that ability. But it’s quite apparent in my mind that he could have prevented that whole thing if he only would’ve acted.

“My thoughts on a second Trump term are really quite concerning. Number one, the world today is more unstable than it was in 2016 or even 2020. And to have a leader of the most powerful country that irresponsible at times is just frightening in terms of what could happen.

“Number two, economically, I think his ideas are very shallow. It seems that tariffs seem to be his only tool in his toolbox, and those don’t work and they just add cost to our economy and typically will probably kick us back into a recession if he would follow something like that.

“And then, finally, just the decency of who our president is, most importantly with our worldwide allies. So as a world leader, he just totally frightens me of what would happen in the second term.

“In 2020, I voted for Donald Trump with reservations, but I felt in terms of the direction of the country that maybe he would soften some and not be as impulsive, and maybe finally settle down into what it took to govern a country.

“In 2024, I will not vote for Donald Trump, and as painful it as it may be, I would vote for the Democratic candidate, even if that likely is Joe Biden — who I do not support in many things he’s doing — just because there’s at least stability there.

“You know what he’s going to do. You know the policies he’s going to enact, and I don’t agree with many of them, but it’s still safer than the unknown of what Donald Trump could bring in 2024.”