Joe  /  North Carolina

“On January 6th, my suspicions of Trump were confirmed.”

Video Transcript

“I’m Joe, I live in North Carolina and I’m a former Trump voter.

“I soured on him because I didn’t think he was a leader.

“I felt that there was a lot of churn in his office and as a leader, he’s supposed to hire the best and brightest, which I think he did, but they didn’t stick around long and over time they would say negative things about him and never before.

“Did I ever hear former cabinet members say negative things about their president, whether Republican or Democratic?

“I felt like every time he was on the news, he would say something that I couldn’t support, and he was very disingenuous during his entire presidency.

“Tweets would be coming out daily. I never really knew if the ship was stable. And so in 2020, I voted for Biden.

“On January 6th, my suspicions of Trump were confirmed, that he is in it for himself and not a representative of the American people.

“A second term under Trump scares me because first, he’s even said that he wants to pardon the insurgents from January 6th. His guidepost is his own ego, and since his ego is unbounded, I am nervous and scared to determine what will happen under his regime.

“I can never, ever vote for Trump again, and I’ll be voting for Biden in November.”