John  /  Virginia

“The idea of a second Trump term is scary to me.”

Video Transcript

“My name is John, I’m from Richmond, Virginia. I did vote for Trump in 2020. Even though I didn’t really care for the tweets and some of Trump’s comments, things like that, I thought his administration had actually done a lot of good.

“The reason I won’t support Trump, in 2024 is primarily about Ukraine. Also, I don’t like the way he’s acted since he lost the election in 2020. Do I believe there was, some incidences of fraud or, problems? Yes, but I think he did lose the election, and so I’ve been disappointed in the way he acted with what happened with January 6th.

“The idea of a second Trump term is scary to me. I mean, part of me thinks it probably would be similar to his first term that he’d say a lot of crazy things and upset a lot of people. I also do worry because of his temperament. He’s clearly an egomaniac and a narcissist, and I worry that he will use it only to advance himself and go after people that he think has wronged him. And I think it’s could be very dangerous for this country.

“The things that Trump has said about what he will do if he wins election reelection in 2024, it really concerns me. Obviously he’s angry and vindictive, and I think he will try to use the power of government to punish his enemies, which obviously I know, other presidents have done similar things in the past, but I think he’s going to take it to a whole new level that will basically test our system. And we have our three branches and the checks and balances, but an executive that is hellbent on, destroying that, it’s, scary. I’m not sure what will happen. I think we could definitely have a constitutional crisis.

“I haven’t voted for a Democrat for anything in my life, I’ve always voted Republicans. Having the choice between Trump and Biden and knowing that I will most likely vote for Biden, if that’s the case, it is painful because I’ve always been a conservative. I don’t agree with the Democratic party on most issues. And it disturbs me that it would come to that, but actually I think it would be an easy decision because I think Trump is that dangerous.”