John  /  Michigan

“Our commitment to democracy is one of the most important things we have as a nation.”

Video Transcript

“My name is John. I’m from Northville, Michigan. I’m a former Trump voter, and this election, I’ll be voting for Biden. In 2016, I voted for Trump. I thought he had some new ideas and I thought that it should at least be given a chance. President Trump has changed the Republican Party and not for the better.

“In my view. He has made it a party of populism in the worst sort of way in the lead up to the election? Definitely from the Trump campaign, we saw questioning if we lose this election, it’s because it was rigged. There’s no way we can lose this election. And then of course, after the election when they did lose the election you had Trump say that they won Trump.

“He can’t allow himself to lose, and he’s trying to sort of take the Republican party along with that. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Not every election or contest is rigged. So for an elected official of Trump’s stature, to question an election or to sow doubt just for his own ego is unconscionable.

“Do I think Donald Trump was responsible for what happened on January 6th? I do. Everyone’s entitled to that presumption of innocence, but we all watched the crowd be gathered. We watched them wait around to have Trump show up. We watched him point out the people he saw as the problem, and then. Unleash the crowd in that direction.

“Notably, he promised to be with him, with them and he wasn’t, but they went exactly where he told them to go and they did exactly what he wanted them to do On January 6th, we all watched what happened. We’ve seen the footage from the investigation and just what happened that day. There’s no question they were committing a crime.

“There’s no question that they were where they intended to be. And so to have the presumptive nominee and the Republican hopeful for the presidency say that that’s okay. Sets a horribly dangerous precedent, and it’s not one that I’m willing to go along with. If Donald Trump was to win a second term, I think he’s really laid out for us what he wants that second term to look like.

“He wants it to be about getting revenge on his perceived wrongs. He wants an enhanced role for the military on American soil. He wants partisan control in the sense that he wants government agents, government employees to be beholden to him, including the FBI and the Department of Justice. So what would a second Trump term look like?

“Really close to an authoritarian regime if he had his way. Do I think Trump wants to be a dictator? Absolutely. He’s not made any secret about his love for dictators like Putin, like North Korea, other strong regimes around the world. Uh, he just had lunch or dinner with Victor Orban from Hungary not that long ago.

“And what. He wants for this country is exactly that. As long as he is the leader. Do I think he has any respect for our government, for our constitution, for our cultural norms? I do not. He has already called to set aside the Constitution for his own supporters and his own support. There’s one thing that President Trump is beholden to, and that is Trump.

“That’s the only thing that I have any confidence he supports. I can’t trust that Donald Trump will follow through with any promise other than the ones that benefit Donald Trump. I can’t trust that Donald Trump will support our country, our way of life, or our system of government. I can’t trust that Donald Trump will do anything to benefit the average American unless that American is willing to swear Loyalty to Donald Trump in 2024.

“I’ll be voting for President Biden. I’ve been a lifelong conservative and still believe in compassionate conservatism, so I don’t agree with President Biden on a number of policies, but where we do agree is that: Our commitment to democracy is one of the most important things we have as a nation.”