Joni  /  Montana

“Donald Trump betrayed the office of president.”

Video Transcript

“I’m Joni and I live in Montana. I’m a lifelong Republican. I voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980 in the first presidential election that I ever voted in. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016, but because I was disillusioned with him, I voted for Joe Biden in 2020, and I am going to vote for Joe Biden again in 2024.

“Donald Trump betrayed the office of president in every way imaginable. The pinnacle of that betrayal, in my opinion, was when he denied the election results and he planned an insurrection. Then he incited the people to participate in the insurrection, and then he refused to stop it when he could, and then he praised the insurrectionist.

“So now he’s facing some legal consequences because of that, amongst other legal matters that he’s involved in. And I think that’s a big incentive for him to run for president this time. He wants to delay his legal proceedings, perhaps even looks at the presidency as a get out of jail free card. He could pardon himself.

“He plans to pardon the insurrectionists, he said so, although he calls them patriots and hostages. He said that he wants to be a dictator for a day, but I believe he wants to be a dictator throughout his entire presidency, and perhaps even longer than that. He wants revenge and retribution on all of his perceived enemies.

“He wants to restructure the federal government in his own image, which would be a disaster. And now, one thing that I’ve noticed about him, is now that the walls are beginning to close in on him and some of his trials are becoming closer to fruition, his behavior is becoming much more erratic and much more desperate.

“He’s backed into a corner. He’s selling shoes, he’s selling cologne. He’s even trying to sell the Bible during holy week, Easter. It’s like the antichrist trying to sell the Bible. It’s crazy.

“He’s betrayed the Republican party. He’s destroyed it single handedly. He’s betrayed the American people and our country, our democracy. Congress has refused to reign him in. They didn’t impeach him when they had the opportunity. And to some degree, even the Supreme Court has refused to reign him in.

“And I’ve heard it be said that it’s up to the voters. So we’re the voters. It’s up to us. We’re the ones that voted him in, in 2016.

“We’re the ones who can keep him in 2024.

“So please join me and vote for Joe Biden.”