Jordan  /  Michigan

“I would vote for someone who’s not a Christian, but I won’t vote for someone who pretends to be, and misuses Christianity.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Jordan, I’m a pastor here in Michigan, and I’m a two time Trump voter.

“I really can’t support Trump again on the basis of either character and foreign policy. I’m a Christian, I’m a pastor, and because of my strong evangelical beliefs, being pro-life amongst other things, he really shows himself to use evangelicalism as a ploy and a tactic for voting rather than care about the values. And what I’ve seen is once he’s done with us, he casts us aside.

“When Trump says he’s Christian, and then he not only lives his life a certain way, but he disqualifies himself on the basis of, you know, he did some interviews a few years ago, I think during the 2015, 2016 range. He was asked, have you ever asked for forgiveness from God?

“He said, no, I don’t think I ever needed to. That’s kind of the basis of Christianity. That’s the, that is the most fundamental thing that can make you a Christian. And he outright says, no I don’t need that. I mean, that tells me that he is not Christian. It doesn’t really matter if he’s Christian to a lot of Christians. He’s close enough and that’s unfortunate. I would vote for someone who’s not a Christian, but I won’t vote for someone who pretends to be and misuses Christianity.

“And Donald Trump is a selfish, arrogant man who has shown that he only supports things on the basis that it benefits him personally. As a Christian, I know that he fakes his way through the evangelical crowd so that he can gain their support to use them. He sells Bibles that he’s never read, in with blasphemous inclusions, as a means to buy out sections of a Christian group.

“The biggest impact that January 6th had on me as a Christian, as a voter, as a Republican, as a conservative, I’ve always been a massive fan of Mike Pence. When I discovered that as they’re chanting hang Mike Pence, that Trump in his, I think it was in his car, that he said, “well, maybe that’s what should happen.” And I’m paraphrasing there. That pretty much wrote it off for me. That was the moment where I said, I cannot vote for someone who’s willing to allow murder or condone murder of their own vice president on the basis that it might buy him some more time in power. That is so far gone.

“January 6th was probably the turning point day for me when it comes to voting for Trump. There’s just no… there’s no defending what happened there. And yet Trump tries to defend it all the time. In fact, not only tries to defend, he tries to paint it as a glorious thing. That’s a massive problem for me as a Republican, as a conservative, especially as a Christian.

“Just to speak to Trump and the criminal charges of that, it is crazy that… I mean, there’s obvious guilt in some of these areas. I do think that there’s political motivation to chase after him. It’s quite obvious, but at the same time, if a witch hunt results in a witch, you can’t blame the people for pursuing that.

“Why would you ever want someone who, especially in political areas, is hiding confidential information and then lying about having it and then lying to his own lawyers about having it. And then not only secretly hiding it, but revealing it and showing it off to people like it’s some kind of trophy. And we’re talking like nuclear codes and locations and battle plans. Who does that and how do you trust that person to be president?

“If I were to say one thing to conservatives Republicans, Christians, my block and my circles, it would be, please jump off the Trump ship because it’s sinking and he’s taking you with it.

“As a Christian, you have to stand on what’s right in principle and value, even if it means sacrifice, and so I would just tell everybody out there to stop. It doesn’t matter what the cost it is, it doesn’t matter if we lose. I mean, it does matter, but it matters more if we sell our soul to win.”