Julie  /  Kansas

“He will do everything in his power to become a dictator.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Julie, and I’m a registered voter from Kansas.

“I am a former Donald Trump supporter, but I will not be supporting Donald Trump in the 2024 election. I cannot support Donald Trump because I do not believe that he exhibits the type of character needed to be our president. I believe the events of January 6th were a travesty in our country, and I do believe that it was incited by Donald Trump because he was adamant that he was not going to give up the presidency based on the votes. Vice President Pence did exactly as he was asked to do in the Constitution, and to ask someone to violate the Constitution to further your own end is not acceptable.

“Donald Trump did encourage people to march to the capitol. He did nothing to stop the people who were breaking into the capitol and committing crimes. He had plenty of time to do so and he chose not to. His own vice president was threatened with hanging and still Donald Trump refused to intervene.

“Donald Trump also continues to purport the big lie that the election was stolen. There has been no evidence to support that lie. In fact, what we have is evidence of him trying to force others in power and in places of authority to do so, to violate their commitment to the country and the Constitution for his own desires. That’s not acceptable. I think that Donald Trump did commit crimes, especially in Georgia, where he petitioned them to find him more votes. I also believe that he is abusive to women and that those charges should stand.

“The thought of Donald Trump being reelected is terrifying. That he is so power hungry and desires that so much because of his narcissism, that he will do everything in his power to become a dictator. I do believe he will try to oust anyone who disagrees with him on anything. He also greatly concerns me because of his apparent infatuation I guess with Putin from Russia. It seems that he believes that man is an awesome leader and that he would emulate him if reelected. We do not wanna dictatorship in this country, and if Donald Trump is reelected that can happen.

“I would never vote for Donald Trump again to run for any elected office nor do I believe he has earned the right to run for another elected office. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against our constitution and the betterment of our country.”