Justin  /  Tennessee

“Donald Trump would be devastating for America.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Justin, and I currently live in the state of Tennessee. In 2016, I voted for Donald Trump because he offered hope in my own personal life, and he promised to drain the swamp and make things better for the country, and he gave us a lot of talking points about what he was going to do. However, what we witnessed during the first term of the Trump administration was a lot of chaos, inflection points, and a lot of damage to what our country’s potential could be.

“Donald Trump, and a second term presidency, would be devastating for the country. Trump doesn’t wanna unite the country. And we’ve seen that with his divisive rhetoric and the way that he treats others, especially even his influencers or former staff members. He doesn’t see the God giving dignity in other people, and we need a leader in this country that’s able to unite the country in the right ways, and to show people the true great potential for our nation. A Trump presidency has already shown us what has happened, we don’t need a repeat of that, and I certainly don’t want a repeat. Donald Trump would be devastating for America.

“That’s why in 2022 when he made endorsements in the Republican primaries that I disagreed with, and he called Ron DeSantis names three days before the November 2022 general election, I permanently walked away from the Trump campaign and Donald Trump himself, and I’m proud to do so because we need a new direction in this country.

“God bless you all.”