Karen  /  West Virginia

“There’s a possibility that he could go to prison.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, I am Karen from Charleston, West Virginia. I am a Republican and have been a Trump supporter. I voted for President Trump twice, but right now I’m not certain he is the right fit for what the country needs. My concern right now about Mr. Trump is that he’s carrying so much baggage. President Trump is currently facing a number of felonies.

“And there’s possibility that he could go to prison. I am concerned that what happens to this country if President Trump is convicted of those felonies and faces a prison term.

“President Trump’s relationship with the Russians, with the Chinese, with North Korea is something that we should be concerned about. I think he needs to stand stronger ground against those three countries because I believe that those three countries are a threat to the United States.

“We need strength in the office, and I’m not sure that Mr. Trump can give us that strength because he is focusing on too many other areas.

“I’m not sure President Trump is the right person for the country as it stands now.”