Kevin  /  Arizona

“A second term with Donald Trump, it sends shivers down my spine.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Kevin. I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I am a registered Republican, conservative, and I am a former Trump voter. I will never vote for him again, and I will do everything I can to actively ensure that Donald Trump is not reelected as president.

“I cannot support Donald Trump for a number of reasons, one of the main ones being character. If you look at the common characteristics of our best presidents over the last two centuries, it has been character: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, they all have moral character. They have strong convictions for which they stood, and they have integrity in which you can believe what they’re telling you.

“We do not have that with Donald Trump. Donald Trump, i only out for his own self-interest. He is not out for the interest of the country. He has turned lying, I was going to say into a cottage industry, but Donald Trump has made lying a profession. And for those reasons, particularly those reasons regarding character, I could not support Donald Trump again.

“The whole subject of dictatorship and Donald Trump, I was going to say it scares me, it doesn’t so much scare me as it makes me angry. I have been to Arlington National Cemetery. There are 400,000 reasons there. The men and women who are buried, who stood for our country that we might be free. Free of dictators, free of those who think they’re kings, free of those who are above the law.

“And when I am reminded of that, I see Donald Trump saying he would be a dictator or supporting dictators like Putin or you name it, whoever he supports, Un in Korea, North Korea, and it makes me angry that so many have sacrificed so much to provide me and this country with the freedoms we have, and he would willingly take it away for his own self-interest.

“As far as Trump running for himself, I have a relative who is a Trump supporter, and I asked them why they are supporting Donald Trump given his moral character, given the fact that he is under indictment in three states for felonies, giving he’s under indictment for hush money payments and stuff like that.

“And I said, how can you support Donald Trump knowing that? And they said, well, it has to do with my bank account. I feel he will be better for my bank account and my stock portfolio. And I said, have we really come to that? Have we really gotten to the point where we ignore all of that because it is in our self-interest?

“A second term with Donald Trump, it sends shivers down my spine. He talks about retribution for his political enemies. We have never had to encounter that. Can you imagine somebody disagreeing with him politically who could be thrown into jail?

“I am probably reluctantly going to vote for Joe Biden. A no vote to me is a vote for Donald Trump, and I remember what Edmund Burke said “we’re able to triumph, good men only have to stay silent,” and or what words to that effect. And so if I do not vote for president, I am in effect condoning Donald Trump being elected as president, and I cannot do that. I will vote for Joe Biden because Joe Biden does have character. I do trust what he says.

“I do not agree with his policies in many regards. I don’t agree with his social policy or what has happened so far with immigration, but I see matters being much worse with Donald Trump. And what scares me about him is when he said he would be a dictator for the first day he was elected president. I am electing a president or voting for one. I am not electing or voting for a dictator that could have grave ramifications for our country far into the future.”