Lars  /  Wisconsin

“I’m concerned that he will suspend the rule of law.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Lars and I am from Madison, Wisconsin, and I did vote for Donald Trump in 2016.

“I changed that opinion rather rapidly when I saw how Donald Trump behaved in office.

“The fact that they were setting the stage essentially for January 6th by making people question the veracity and the truthfulness of our election process, and that event that day and watching Donald Trump in the White House, not making a massive declaration on all media fronts, asking for the protestors to stand down, horrified me.

“I am not sure why Donald Trump is running in 2024 other than to prove that he was electable and he still has a second term option available to him. I think it’s basically to massage his own ego

“I think Donald Trump cares about himself, he cares about his name, he wants to leave a legacy, but it’s not a legacy of anything positive. It’s a legacy that is in honor of him. That’s not how democracy works.

“I was concerned very much when Donald Trump decided that he was going to state out loud that we would defund countries of NATO and not come to their aid. That’s not how you protect democracy in the Western Hemisphere is by telling people that you won’t do it.

“That is a real concern because he’s made a number of overtures to Russia, which is a country that’s an aggressor against a freely elected democracy. Who’s he friends with? These are things that concern me greatly. I do not feel he’s qualified.

“If Donald Trump is reelected in 2024, my concerns are really straightforward. One, it’ll be a victory for style over substance. It’ll be a victory for fact over fiction and with his side being fiction. It concerns me that people are willing to deny science, they’re willing to deny fact, that they’re willing to overlook what is well documented about Donald Trump.

“He has been found guilty of lying and slandering someone and charged $500 million. He’s scrambling to try and pay a fine. He has 88 more felonies coming his way, and he is bound to be found guilty on some of them.

“He has looked out for himself and his circle all the way along, and I’m concerned that he will suspend the rule of law.

“So my choice in 2024, at this point in time at least, is Joe Biden.

“I feel that I am willing to make that vote that way because I simply do not want Donald Trump to attain the office of president again.

“And he will, if he misses this election cycle, he will be out of the running.”