Lexi  /  Virginia

“He’s just further driving a wedge between people.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, my name is Lexi and I’m 27 years old. I currently live in Virginia. I had always kind of thought of myself as a Republican, that’s what my grandparents, who I was raised by, firmly believe in. They believe in the Republican ideals and they believe that Ronald Reagan was the best president that we ever had. So growing up I had always kind of identified as that. I also grew up in the church. I am a Christian and the pro-life thing was a whole big thing for me growing up so I had always leaned Republican. So when 2016 rolled around and I had saw myself as a Republican, it was my first opportunity to vote in a presidential election, and so I had a really hard time grappling with who I would vote for, whether I’d vote for Donald Trump or vote for Hillary. I ended up voting for Donald Trump and I immediately regretted it and to this day, still wish that I had gone with that third party candidate. So 2020 rolls around. I didn’t really think of myself as being very political, but in 2020 I was sitting in the house like most people were and watching a bunch of documentaries that were coming out and I thought that the way that Trump handled the Black Lives Matter movement was just absolutely appalling. I thought that whatever he was saying was not uniting the country. I don’t think that he has done a very good job at uniting anybody except his supporters, which is absolutely horrible, he’s just further driving a wedge between people. I did not vote for him in 2020, I voted for the third party candidate, whomever they were. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Joe Biden because at that time I still didn’t identify as a Democrat and couldn’t have saw myself voting for a Democrat.

“I will be voting for Joe Biden again. I think he has tried his best to unite everybody, which is something that I want in a president. I don’t think that he’s a sore loser like Trump is, which is another thing that really turned me off to him was January 6th and the fact that he couldn’t just take his loss and go away because he is a sore loser. So it’s just a daily topic of conversation between my grandpa and I about who’s the best out there and stuff of that nature. I can’t wait vote for Joe Biden. I hope we have another four years of Grandpa Joe and that he makes it another four years. I cannot wait to vote against Donald Trump in 2024.”