Lori  /  Wisconsin

“He’ll just ruin this country. We will be ruined.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Lori. I’m from Wisconsin, and I am a former Trump voter. There are so many reasons why I can’t support Donald Trump this time around and many of them have to do with just how he conducted himself during his first four years in office. The insurrection, I think, just about tops everything. The day that happened and I had my TV on and when I saw clearly Trump supporters climbing the walls and breaking windows and the filth that came out of their mouths, the “hanging Mike Pence” and the noose and the hollering for Nancy Pelosi and the defecating in the halls. This is our building. This belongs to us, the United States and the fact that these people did this, and the cameras actually showed Donald Trump watching it happen on TV and his own family begged him to stop it and he didn’t and he has just gone on and on and on. He spews hate, he spews division, he can’t say one nice thing about anybody. He always adds an adjective to everybody. He doesn’t tell us anything that he has planned for the good of the country and what he’s going to do for us and because now I am a registered Democrat, he hates me. So there’s so many reasons not to vote for him. They’re too numerous for this video but just watch him. Just watch him, listen to him and believe every word he says.

“If I were talking to somebody who was on the fence about voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden I’d say, first of all, what you have to do is you have to watch both of them. Watch, pick a channel, I don’t care which channel and watch them both. Listen to what they say. Listen to the false, ugly, mean rhetoric coming out of Trump’s mouth and then go back and watch the State of the Union address with Biden. Just go watch that. Yes, they’re both elderly, period. They can’t change that. But look at. January 6th. That was an insurrection. Those are not hostages in prison. They broke the law. Many of them pleaded guilty. Listen to the phone conversation with the state of Georgia and finding him 11,000 and some odd votes. Just how he stood in front of a church that had been damaged from all the riots and he’s standing there holding a Bible. He signs Bibles, Donald Trump signs Bibles. It goes on and on and on. The way he talks about immigrants and they’re “poisoning the blood of our country.” He has nothing good to say about anybody. He’ll just ruin this country. We will be ruined.”