Matt  /  Oklahoma

“We can survive four years of Biden, I don’t know if we can survive four years of Trump.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, I’m Matt, I’m from Oklahoma, I’m a registered Republican, and I did vote for Trump. Wasn’t the best decision I think I’ve ever made, in fact, I think it’s one of my poorest decisions I’ve ever made. But that was the decision, man, I gotta own it.

“The scariest thing about a second Trump term is that there will be no guardrails, and he’s already in the rhetoric, subtle and not so subtle, insinuated things that he would do. Things that would be threatening to our democracy at home, threatening to our power in terms of global standing, economic, political, military, so yeah, I see him as an incredible threat to this nation’s wellbeing at home and abroad.

“I think we may be witnessing, kind of, if we don’t check ourselves, the death knell of our democracy. This is a man that I bet, I guess, has always had his way. He doesn’t know how to work with people, he only knows how to threaten people. And that’s not what we need in democracy, we’ve gotta find commonality, we can have disagreements in terms of how we wanna make this nation great, but we gotta stop making each other enemies, and he’s been a key factor in that. So yeah, he would use the government as a tool just to empower himself.

“If I was to say something to someone that is sitting on the fence, I would say this could be one of the most important elections that our nation has ever known. You may not like Biden and a lot of his programs, but I would say that because of the conservative control of the house and certainly the conservative control of SCOTUS, that some false notion that we will be slipping down some slope of socialism is not gonna happen.

“The greater threat is not some invented social world like that. The greatest, most immediate threat is to the democracy. We can survive four years of Biden, I don’t know if we can survive four years of Trump. There is no question that I will vote for Biden in the upcoming election merely to protect the democracy that we have.”