Michael  /  Pennsylvania

“He has no regard for anybody other than himself.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, I’m Michael, I live in Pennsylvania, and I am a former Trump voter.

“As the presidency for Donald Trump went on, I started seeing a different person in the White House. I started beginning to see the narcissist part of his presidency start to take. I voted for Joe Biden in 2020 because I felt that Donald Trump had become morally corrupt.

“I believe his handling of the COVID problem was horrendous. I feel that he has created a world of MAGA people that do not care about the overall American people, and he continues to stroke that fire. He has no regard for anybody other than himself, no regard for the American people, no regard for Republicans who don’t follow him or any Democrat.

“I’m still waiting for him to come up with a medical, you know, he wanted to get rid of Obamacare. Never came out with a plan, just kept saying he’s gonna have one, gonna have one. Is it gonna be another four years of that, him saying, ‘I want to get rid of something’ and not having a solution? What he’s done with telling Congress and the Senate, he does not want these bills passed on the border wall or Ukraine because he wants it to fail, he wants the economy to fail so he can come in and be the hero. He doesn’t care about the country. If he cared about the country, he wouldn’t do that.

“I will vote for Joe Biden in the November election.”